Sermons - 2011

Here are the sermons I have preached in 2011.

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Gifts to give all year - Christmas is a time of giving. But our giving
must not stop with the new year. Here are some gifts to give all
year - AND they are free.

A Bag with Holes - Some things we do are a waste of effort and
energy. Put money in a pocket with a hole in. Keep putting money
in and it falls out.

Ishmael Syndrome - Abraham was told not to accept Ishmael
because Isaac is coming. We often accept less than God has
in store for us.

The Throne Scene - The book of Revelation opens with a majestic
scene of God, Jesus, angels and all humanity.

Bid Godspeed - What does this mean? Why should we not bid
Godspeed to some?

Left First Love - What was wrong at Ephesus? Why was Jesus
threatening to remove their light?

Do's and Don'ts in the Lion's Den - At times we feel like we are in
a den of lions. How do we survive? Here are some clues from Daniel.

Sin Resistant - How can we keep our walk with God? How do we
avoid the loss of fellowship with God and Christ?

Be Holy - Peter urges us to be holy because God is holy.

Honor the King - What is the relationship of the Christian to
the government?

Facebook Christians - Are you a friend of Jesus? Would you have
to clean up your page before you accepted Him as a friend?

God Hates Divorce - Here are some reasons that God hates
the idea of divorce.

The Mess We's In - What are some of the current problems facing
the church in America and around the world?

Which is Better? - Solomon shows how some things we avoid
are better than the things we prefer.

Attendance Principles - There are several principles in the New
Testament that deal with how we should attend worship services.

Symbolic Prophet - Ezekiel - Some prophets just spoke the message.
Ezekiel acted out a message that got everyone's attention.

Give More - We must be challenged to do more in our support of the
work of the Lord. Giving is an expression of our worship.

The Mess We's In - This lesson looks at some of the current problems
facing the Lord's church.

The Rooster that Woke up Peter - Peter needed a "wake up call" and
the rooster did that for him. We may also need to wake up and get
to work for the Lord.

Hi-Tech Family - Today there is Facebook, Twitter, texting and cell
phones - but there seems to be less communication.

In Christ – Paul talks about many spiritual blessings – not material.
We tend to focus on the physical blessings.

Married to Christ – The church is the bride of Christ. If you are part
of His church, you are the bride of Christ.

An Example of Worship - Worship is not entertainment. Worship is
our praise to God. God is the audience.

The Laws Contrasted - The Law of Moses fades away when it
is contrasted with the Law of Christ.

All is Vanity - Solomon sought the meaning of life. What is life all
about? Is it worth the struggles we go through?

Because of the Resurrection - The resurrection of Christ is at the
very core and center of Christianity.

Human Suffering - Many doubt God because there is suffering in
the world. Why does God allow it?

Esther and Providence - The book of Esther is a wonderful example
of how the providence of God works. God still works this way.

Hats and Hair - Must a woman wear a veil or head covering to pray
in worship? What does 1 Corinthians 11 teach?

Church Discipline - Many churches fail to keep the church pure by
making the corrections and teaching needed. Church discipline is
more than "kicking out" someone who sins.

Rebuild the Wall - Just as Israel had to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem,
so there are some walls that need to be rebuilt today.

Restoration Is - - - We must keep the restoration of the church alive
and our main plea.

Is the church a denomination? - Some are suggesting that we should
just admit that we are a denomination like all the rest.

Predestination - One point in Calvinism is not officially held by many in
the religious world. But many make comments of support.

Shall we continue in sin? - Since we are saved by grace, and God is so
willing to forgive, why can't we just keep on sinning?

Have all sinned? - It may seem to some to be a contradiction that some
people in the Bible are said to be "perfect."

Spiritual Shipwrecks - Some, like the Titanic, hit some spiritual icebergs.
Many make a spiritual shipwreck of their life.

Why are there wars? - Why can we all live in peace? Why are wars a
necessary part of our life on earth?

Freedom is not Free - Just as American freedom cost many lives, so the
freedom in Christ is not free for restrictions. Freedom is not free.

Prayer Changes Things - Prayer is powerful enough to change situations,
people and even the mind of God.

Naaman - There are some important lessons to learn from the man healed
of leprosy.

Leanness of Soul - Sometimes God will grant a request to teach us that
we really don't want the thing we thought we did.

Brag about Father - Most children like to brag about how smart, strong, or
rich their father is. There should be some pride in our fathers.

Surprised by Prayer - Have you ever prayed for something and then are
surprised when your prayer is answered? So was the early church.

Family Foundation - Many homes and families are falling apart. Why? What
are some of the ways the home can have a solid foundation?

Cost of Sacrifice - If it does not cost us something, it is not a sacrifice. We
must learn to give up something to gain something greater.

Do you love me? - Why did Jesus ask this question 3 times? What do we
mean by the word "love" today?

Understanding Covenant - David and Jonathan made a covenant that
extended beyond the two young men. How are we included in the covenant
with Christ?

Miracles in John - John's gospel records 8 miracles that teach us many
important lessons about the ministry of Jesus.

4-Eyed Frog - There are some lessons we can learn from the Chilean
frog with "4 eyes."

Jesus Slipped Away - Sometimes Jesus just leaves. This lesson looks at
how He slips away and why He would do that.

True Story of David and Goliath - Many study the Bible account and miss a
major section of what this story is all about.

Get her for me - Samson wanted to enter a marriage based on looks alone.
This lesson looks at what is needed for a marriage.

Have you been to Kadesh? - Every person and church reaches a point of
decision. Do we grow or shrink? Advance or retreat?

Why do the wicked prosper and I don't? - How come I can't be rich? The wicked
make millions and I live right and struggle to pay my bills.

Gospel in 5 Seconds - A simple first principle sermon about the gospel
of Christ.

Jesus Wept - We first think about Jesus at the tomb of Lazarus. But Jesus
also wept over the rejection of Jerusalem.

Confessing Christ - Some think that this is just a formality and has no real
purpose. This sermon looks at why we must confess Christ with our mouth.

You Shall Not Covet - One command that we do not understand, and many
of us are guilty of doing - Covetousness. What is it? Am I doing it?

What is your cross? - Jesus commands that we take up our cross and
follow Him. What is the cross that we bear?

Don't Move the Landmarks - There are "iron pins" in the Bible that must
not be moved, changed, or removed.

The Mountain Rut - We must be cautious our we will become stuck
in a rut in our spiritual life.

Who is my brother? - What is my relationship to others in the world,
the church and other relationships? Who is my brother?

Turn or Burn - Jesus was clear. We must repent or we will perish.
There is no other alternative. We must repent or we will be lost.

Snakes and Salvation - Why did God SEND snakes among His
people, Israel? Does God's remedy make any sense?

Grasshopper Complex - Why was Israel not able to enter the land of
promise? Why a generation die in the wilderness?

Jubilee: Year of Liberty - What does this Jewish celebration teach us? Are
there some lessons for Christians?

Took His as He was - To accept Jesus we must accept all that He is. We
can not pick and choose - take this / leave that.

The Cremation of Nadab - Why did Nadab and his brother died? What did
they do that was so wicked?

Introducing Worship - Our worship must not  become ritual or habit. This
lesson introduces and explains each part of our worship.

Point of No Return - What is the "unpardonable sin" that many think the
Bible teaches? What did Jesus teach? Is there a sin for which there is
no forgiveness from God?

Tabernacle as a Type - The tabernacle pre-figures many things and
events in the New Testament.

4 New Testament Fools - All of us have done some foolish things, but
there are 4 kinds of fools that we must not become.

How to Hate - Most think the message of Jesus was one of love, mercy,
compassion, and forgiveness. But there is also a message of hate.

Joseph Forgave - After all that happened to him, how could Joseph ever
forgive his brothers? What can we learn from his forgiveness?

David and Instrumental Music - David played musical instruments in his
worship to God. Does this mean that Christians today are allowed the
same type of worship?

Treasure and Pearls - These two parables teach about some aspects
of the kingdom of heaven (the church).

John the Baptizer - What can we learn from the one who came before
Christ and prepared the way for Him?

5 Sins of Sodom - Why were these cities destroyed? It was more than
just the sin of homosexuality. There were 5 other sins involved.

The Beatitudes - Jesus' Sermon on the Mount begins with some familiar
statements. What are these beatitudes all about?

Abraham's Covenant - There is a strange event in Genesis 15 when God
makes a covenant with Abraham. Christians are in that covenant.

Once Saved, Always Saved? - Adam and Eve were removed from the Garden
of Eden. Can we lose the salvation we once possessed?

Prophecy of Christ - Matthew shows that Christ fulfilled the prophecies in the
OT about Him. What are the odds that someone else could fulfill them?