Holy Spirit Series

In December of 2015 I preached a sermon (The Helper). Several said that we need more sermons on the subject
of the Holy Spirit. Beginning on Sunday nights during January, February and March of 2016 I preached sermons
on this subject. Much of the thoughts and material was adapted from a book The Work of the Holy Spirit,
by Howard Winters.

In the first column is the sermon outline and the second column is the file (PPTX format) to download,
edit and adapt for your use. And in the third column is the file in PDF format to view the Power Point.


The Outline

Power Point file

The Helper The Helper
What the Spirit does NOT do

(2 Parts)

Part 1    

Part 2

Who is the Holy Spirit? Who is the Holy Spirit?
Work of the Holy Spirit Work of the Holy Spirit
Indwelling 1 Indwelling 1
Indwelling 2 Indwelling 2
Baptism into 1 Body Baptism into 1 Body
The Spirit of Christ The Spirit of Christ
Fruit of the Spirit Fruit of the Spirit
Blasphemy Blasphemy
Intercession Intercession