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The Helper

John 14:26


  1. Much confusion and misunderstanding about the Holy Spirit.

  2. Who is He? What does He do? How does He do it?

  3. Because of false teaching we have just avoided the subject.

The Helper

  1. 5 times in NT 4 about Holy Spirit; 1 about Jesus

  2. John 14:16, 26 15:26; 16:27 1 John 2:1

  3. What does the word mean?

    1. Para to the side, beside

    2. Kaleo to call or summon

    3. One who is called to the side of another

    4. Vine The capability for giving aid. It was used in a court of justice to denote a legal assistant, council for the defense, an advocate

    5. Translated Counselor, Helper, Advocate, Comforter

  4. What is the function of a helper?

    1. Promised to the apostles in John 14, 15, 16

    2. How did the Holy Spirit come to their aid, help them?

    3. The Comforter sustains the truth by having confirmed it by miracles, for miracles placed God's stamp of approval upon the truth.

The Comforters Work

  1. The Abiding Helper

    1. John 14:15-16

    2. Jesus taught that He would be going away soon

    3. Abide = dwell

    4. John 14:17

  2. The Teaching Helper

    1. John 14:26

    2. Remind them of what Jesus taught

    3. Show them things to come

    4. Guide into all truth

Still a Helper?

  1. Romans 8:26-27

    1. Still available to help, assist in prayer

    2. Helps our weakness

    3. Makes intercession for us

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