For over 10 years I have preached all sermons using Power Point. The outlines are also on the website. Here are the Power Point files. They fall into two categories: Sermons (on this page) and Topical Searcher's Class (on the PP Class page). The "Title / View" link will allow you to see the Power Point in PDF format.  If you want to download the actual file for your editing and use, click on the "Download" link. Newest files are on the top of this page.

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Title / View (newer in PDF) PP file Title / View (newer in PDF) PP file
Me vs the church Download    
Have you heard about Download Value of problems Download
3 Parts of Bible Study Download Self-defense & the church Download
Who is the greatest Download In by 12 Download
Ho Hum Worship - 4 Download Their rock not our rock Download
Ho Hum Worship - 2 Download Ho Hum worship - 5 Download
Ho Hum Worship - 1 Download Ho Hum Worship - 3 Download
New Wine - Old Skins Download MUST Download
Demon Possession Download Christ or Swine Download
Micah Download Miracles Download
Who is the dog? Download Shipwrecked Download
Diotrephes Download Unconverted Christians Download
Life Lessons Download Death by the Numbers Download
Do you KNOW Download Homosexual Agenda Download
Old New Commandment Download We are at war Download
Audio - Visual - Kinesthetic Download Why we sing a cappella Download
Church Words Download Gideons Army Download
Double Minded Download Spleen of Jesus Download
No Broken Bones Download East of Eden Download
One More Night with frogs Download Do your own thing Download
Not Obeyed God Download Plan Ahead Download
Some things worth knowing Download The End Download
An App for That Download God Does Not Know Download
Small Matter Download Do not widen the plate Download
Jewish Calendar Download

Peters Keyring

Why Not Obey Download Beat the Devil Download
My Heaven Download I am Resolved Download
The Only Doctrines Download Hanging Judge Download
Pilate's Mistakes Download Use of God's Name Download
God is the Solution Download Important Questions Download
Do not lose Bible Download Freedom Download
Way of Cain Download A Christian you Never Hear About Download
I make me mad Download Confident in Salvation Download
Doctrine of Demons Download Discouragement Download
Alone Download Loneliness Download
Light Saber Download How A Frog Swallows Download
The Moon God Download Be Angry Download
Our Church Family Download Worry Download
Are you Afraid? Download Waiting at the Tomb Download
Intercession Download No Beanies or BBs Download
Can Church Grow? Download Blasphemy Download
Respectable Sins Download Fruit of the Spirit Download
Baptism into one Body Download Spirit of Christ Download
Not passed this way before Download Indwelling 2 Download
Indwelling 1 Download Heaven and Earth to Boot Download
Work of the Spirit Download Examples Binding Download
The Word Download Not Forgiven Download
Spirit will not do 2 Download Who is the Holy Spirit Download
Spirit will not do 1 Download Risen Savior Download
Frog in Pit Download Healing from God Download
5 Reasons not to work Download Regifting Download
4 Confessions Download God do something Download
Worship Is Download Bring Vessels Download
Are we the only ones? Download Piddling in Wilderness Download
Jump for Joy Download Fullness of Time Download
Exegesis Download 6 Degrees Download
Fellowship Denominations Download Instruments Matter Download
The Helper Download Great Things Download
ACTSS of Prayer Download Halloween is Over Download
Trump Scriptures Download When Darkness Comes Download
What in the world in worldliness? Download 7 things I can not do Download
Split Hairs Download Church Treasury Download
How is your Eyesight? Download Doubt Download
4 Reasons HS Came.pdf Download Re-Dig Wells Download
Imputed for Righteousness Download Birth Prophecies Download
What a Small Church Offers Download

Simon of Cyrene

Mid Year Resolutions Download Jesus Could Have Download
Same Sex Marriages Download

Supreme Court Supreme God

Lessons from Ruth Download Small Church Offers Download
How to know a man Download Look, there is God Download
Walking on Water Download Negative Preaching Download
Soul Spirit Body2 Download Foolishness of God Download
True Confessions Download Soul Spirit Body1 Download
Jesus last sermon Download Odds Against Gambling Download
Make Christianity Attractive Download I Love You Download
Distracted Driving Download Politically Correct Download
Is the end near? Download Last Supper Download
How you look at it Download Age of Accountability Download
What is your Authority? Download Baseball and Salvation Download
In the Name Download Easter: Fact & Fiction Download
Contract to Kill Download Lost Bible Download
11 Prayer Suggestions Download Set Heart Above Download
Who Writes the Rules? Download Open Conversion Download
How to Get the Glory Back Download After the Crisis Download
The Main Thing Download Communion Countdown Download
Things Baptism will not do Download Continue in Faith Download
Not so Negative Download He is Head Download
Learn to Wait Download Delivered Download
How Noah was Saved Download Saints and Brethren Download
At Your Word Download Bushel Basket Complex Download
What to give yourself Download When you fall away Download
Wait for the Dead Download When Life Tumbles In Download
Zombies are Real Download The Junk Drawer Download
Graceful Thanksgiving Download I am Outstanding Download
Good Advice Download Why Not? Download
Withdraw Thyself Download Good to be Here Download
Unequal Yoke Download 3 Responses Download
Doom and Gloom Download 1000 year reign Download
Why Some Don't Sing Download When We Disagree Download
Word Study Download Why We Sing Download
Spiritual Senses Download 3 Philosophies Download
Proper Uses of the Tongue Download Young Earth Download
Where is the joy? Download Fellowship Everyone? Download
Learn from Tragedy Download Where are you? Download
Unfinished Work Download They Tried Download
Walk in the light Download Able Men Download
Who Killed Jesus? Download Why we give up Download
Abraham's Altars Download First and Foremost Download
Work of the church (1 of 2) Download Parachurch Organizations (2 of 2) Download
Worship in Early Church Download Blessed Assurance Download
Father's Day: Andy Griffith Download Lost Bible Found Download
Command to Repent Download Its My Party Download
Key to Happiness Download Handle with Care Download
I Can Do All Things Download Abimelech Download
Godly Mothers Download Wrong is Wrong Download
Gold and Silver Download Because we were Baptized Download
Everyday Religion Download Who's Who in Hell Download
It's About Time Download Recommend Religion Download
Lessons from Job Download Burdens Download
Frog on Post Download Wounded Warrior Download
The End Download 7 Bible Paradoxes Download
Church in Wilderness Download 99 Sheep Download
Saved by Grace Download Words Common Special Download
Soldier Athlete Farmer Download Nicolaitans Download
$3 of God, Please Download Babylon Download
Why Work? Download Numerology Download
Types of Worship Download Lion of Judah Download
How to Get Back on Track Download Unproductive Worry Download
Why are they lost? Download First Things First Download
Amazing Grace Download Letter to Cades Download
Sainthood Download New Song Download
Strange Packages Under the Tree Download If Jesus were on Facebook Download
Tough Choices Download Jesus Sweat Blood Download
Confess Sin Download Life is not Fair Download
Remain Faithful Download Honey in the Lion Download
The Valley of Trouble Download Live on the 4th Level Download
Remember Lot's Wife Download Why Pray for the Sick? Download
Lying in the Bible Download Prayer might be answered Download
Spiritual Famine Download When baptism is not baptism Download
Doctrine includes morals Download Twisting the Scriptures Download
Why bad things happen Download Time is Fun Download
When Converted Download Choosing to Cheat Download
2 Inches off the Ham Download Good Soldiers Download
Words About Widows Download The Preacher and the Pew Download
On Being 70 Download Tear Down Walls Download
Is Sin Bad Download Some Shall Depart Download
Public Prayer Download More Holiness Give Me Download
Can all be saved? Download Not Offended Download
Pray for Government Donwload Give me this mountain Download
Pure Religion Download Look for Loopholes Download
Baptism Chart Download Shipwrecked Faith Download
5 States of Jesus Download What did you bring to worship? Download
Are we Campbellites? Download We are at war Download
2 churches of Christ Download Model Father Download
Take along some honey Download Marital situations Download
Discipline Followup Download Strange Christians Download
Double Mindedness Download Rahab in Rehab Download
Just Like Mom Download Forget the Past Download
Be With Christ Download How to Repent Download
Egg Hunt Download Much Work Undone Download
Defend the Gospel Download Zeal Download
Faith in Faith Download Sin of Partiality Download
Build 8 - 4 Drops of Glue Download Hand Clapping in Worship Download
Build 6 - Imitation Bricks Husbands Download Build 7 - Imitation Bricks Wife Download
Build 4 - Termites in your Troth Download Build 5 - Cracks in the Mortar Download
Build 2 - Brick Wife Download Build - 3 Brick Husband Download
Moldy Bread Download Build - 1 Architect Download
I am a Thumb Download Allah of Islam Download
The Gospel in 5 Seconds Download Music Issues Download
The People's Choice Download Christians in all churches? Download
The Rapture Download Courage to Lead Download
Go Back, Stop, Go Forward Download Recreational Drinking Download
My Baptism Download Count It All Joy Download
Happy Re-New Year Download Before Creation Download
Woman of Virtue Download Gifts to Give all Year Download
Purpose of Miracles Download Treasure in Heaven Download
Fasting Today Download Damaged Words Download
The 11th Commandment Download Wrong Uses of the Tongue Download
Death is Gain Download Jesus: Son of Seven Download
Abuses of Grace Download Misconceptions about the 10 Commandments Download
Blessings in Christ Download 2nd Mile Brings a Smile Download
Beware of the Dog Download The Mind of Christ Download
Treasure, Pearls and Net Download The Providence of God Download
Back to School Download She did what she could Download
He Emptied Himself Download Taking Oaths Download
Preaching Christ Download Frog Legs for Breakfast Download
Hills and Valleys of Life Download Loneliness Download
Minor Prophets - Zechariah Download Minor Prophets - Malachi Download
Minor Prophets - Zephaniah Download Minor Prophets - Obadiah Download
Minor Prophets - Haggai Download Minor Prophets - Nahum Download
Adultery in the Heart Download Minor Prophets - Joel: Locust Prophet Download
Minor Prophets - Habakkuk Download Minor Prophets - Jonah: The Running Prophet Download
The Inner Circle Download Minor Prophets - Micah Download
Restoration - What is yet to be done Download Hall Pass to Life Download
Stewardship (1 of 3) Download Restoration - What has been done Download
Stewardship (2 of 3) Download Loser's Limp Download
Stewardship (3 of 3) Download Minor Prophets - Hosea Download
The Atheist and the Preacher Download Minor Prophets - Amos Download
I believe in Resurrection Download Minor Prophets - Introduction Download
Jesus - Hell Fire Preacher Download Was the Law Destroyed? Download
The Gift of Tongues Download 7th Day Adventist Download
Meaning of Church Download Homosexual Myths Download
Don't Shine Your Light Download What about Re-Baptism? Download
The Tomato Frog Download When the Brook Dries Up Download
What Constitutes Marriage? Download Communion - When, Who? Download
Is Baptism Essential? Download Once Saved, Always Saved? Download
Are we the only ones going to heaven? Download The Raising of Lazarus Download
Facing Jerusalem Download The Name of the Church Download
Beget, Begat, Begot Download Total Depravity Download
All Things are New Download Instrumental Music Download
Free Gifts to give all year Download A Bag with Holes Download
Bid Godspeed Download The Throne Scene Download
Left First Love Download Ishmael Syndrome Download
Do's and Don'ts in the Lion's Den Download Sin Resistant Download
Be Holy Download Honor the King Download
Symbolic Action - Ezekiel Download Attendance Principles Download
Hebrews 13 Download Which is Better? Download
God Hates Divorce Download Facebook Christians Download
Give More Download The Mess We's In Download
The Rooster that Woke up Peter Download Hi-Tech Families Download
Blessings in Christ Download Married to Christ Download
An Example of Worship Download Perverting the Gospel Download
The Laws Contrasted Download All is Vanity Download
Because of the Resurrection Download Human Suffering Download
Esther and Providence Download Hats and Hair Download
Church Discipline Download Rebuild the Wall Download
Restoration is - - - Download Is the church a denominaiton? Download
Hung by the tongue Download 2 Spirits in us Download
Have all sinned? Download Predestination Download
Why are there wars? Download Shall we continue in sin? Download
Prayer Changes Things Download Spiritual Shipwrecks Download
Leanness of Soul Download Freedom is not Free Download
Surprised by Prayer Download Naaman Download
Cost of Sacrifice Download Brag about Father (Father's Day sermon) Download
Do you love me? (in PDF) Download Family Foundation Download
Understanding Covenant Download Miracles in John Download
Get her for me Download Jesus Slipped Away Download
Wicked get rich, I don't Download Real Story of David and Goliath Download
Jesus Wept Download Have you been to Kadesh? Download
You Shall Not Covet Download Gospel in 5 Seconds Download
What is your Cross? Download Confessing Christ Download
Who is my brother? Download Don't Move the Landmarks Download
Turn or Burn Download The Mountain Rut Download
Grasshopper Complex Download Snakes and Salvation Download
The Cremation of Nadab Download Jubilee: Year of Liberty Download
Point of No Return Download Took His as He was Download
Any Old Bush Download 5 P's of Patering (Father's Day) Download
4-Eyed Frog Download 1,000 Year Reign Download
Homosexual Agenda Download Moral Absolutes Download
The Big 3 Download Big Family Download
Mothers and Bread (Mother's Day) Download Go to your Brother First Download
Cement for Marriage Download Children Download
Christian Download Christian Nation Download
Read the Clouds Download Come Out Download
Confident Download Context Download
Convictions Download Copy Cat Download
Cycle Download I Dare You Download
DHMO Download Acres of Diamonds Download
Jesus Prayed Download Is it a Sin to Doubt? Download
Ears Turned Away Download Election Download
Elephant in the the Living Room Download Let's Get Excited Download
Great Expectations Download The Faith Test Download
Fear Jehovah Download Who is in Fellowship? Download
The 11th Commandment Download Fear, Hear, Obey Download
Path to Forgiveness Download Keep Your Fork Download
Encouragement to Go Forward Download Juniper Tree Download
Future 1 - Positive Approach Download Future 2 - Dreams and Hopes Download
Future 3 - Commitment and Dedication Download Future 4 - Faithfulness Download
Future 5 - Staying the Course Download I Heard - (Gossip) Download
Abuses of Grace Download Graduate Devotional Download
Suggestions for Graduates Download Is Your Heart Right with God? Download
A Christian is Holy Download I Say - - God Says Download
Diagnosis: Immoral Download Junk Yard Download
Job 1 Download Job 2 Download
Job 3 Download Job 4 Download
How to Kill a Church Download Know God Download
Who needs a Lawyer? Download Headed for Heaven Download
Moving the Church Forward - 1 Download Moving the Church Forward - 2 Download
Moving the Church Forward - 3 Download Moving the Church Forward - 4 Download
Moving the Church Forward - 5 Download Men are Computers Download
Why Do Some Quit? Download The Trinity Download
What have you Learned? Download Do All in Love Download
Is Life Worship? Download Will we Live Again? (1) Download
Why are we Losing our Teens? Download The Love of God Download
Is Love Enough? Download Divorce Theories Download
Many Mansions Download Who Needs Mercy? Download
The "Hased" of God Download 5 Kernels of Corn Download
Fact and Fiction about the Birth of Jesus Download The Militant Remnant Download
Our Great Mission Download Successful Momming Download
Monster in the Mirror Download Murder by Inches Download
How to Boil a Frog Download Instrumental Music in Worship Download
Never in Heaven Download One Another Download
Once Saved, Always Saved? Download Outliving our Family Download
Hezekiah's Passover Download Positive Attitude Download
The Practice of Sin Download What is your Priority? Download
Are We Reaching Out? Download Reconciliation Download
Relationships Download Religious Holidays Download
God Has Rules Download Satan's Toolkit Download
Scrooge Was Right Download Are You Self-Righteous? Download
Are We Shrinking? Download Obey the Signs Download
The Tater Family Download Dream Big Dreams Download
God Has Rules Download 4 Stupid Things We Do Download
10 Stupid Things We Do   (series on the 10 Commandments)  
1 - We Worship the Wrong God Download 2 - We Worship Right God; Wrong Way Download
3 - We Treat God's Name Carelessly Download 4 - We Fail to Rest and Recharge Download
5 - We Fail to Honor our Parents Download 6 - We Reject the Sanctity of Life Download
7 - We Engage in Immorality Download 8 - We Fail to Respect Property Download
9 - We Fail to Tell the Truth Download 10 - We Want More! Download
What will you do with Jesus? Download Sinning Against a Brother Download
The Sin Unto Death Download Sing Download
Do we Sing Error? Download Slaves or Workers? Download
Holy Spirit Today - 1 Download Holy Spirit Today - 2 Download
Submission Download Teabags Download
Tired of Church? Download Why are we Divorcing? Download
Love Thy Neighbor Download Accidents Happen Download
It is Never Too Late to Come Home Download Skunks and Turtles Download
Memorial Stones Download What will NOT Save Download
Danger of Summertime Download What it means to Preach Christ Download
July 4 Freedom Download My Church Download
Does God Annoy You? Download God's Rainbow Download
Last Chapter Church Download Preparation for Marriage Download
Nobody Believes It Download How to Kiss a Frog Download
Oxymornons Download Living God vs. Idols Download
The Invitation Download C E N I Download
What we bring to Worship Download Questions about the Bible Download
Why Work? Download Tell Me What I Want To Hear Download
Ebenezer Download Situation Ethics Download
Reverence in Communion Download Keepers at Home Download
Jesus is Plan A Download There is No Plan B Download
Halloween is Over Download Don't Order Vanilla Download
Good News Download Marriage Rule Download
Growing Old, Not Cold Download Fleecing the Flock Download
Graceful Thanksgiving Download Book of Revelation Download
Black Friday Download Judgment Day Words Download
The Language of Dress Download Revelation / Inspiration Download
Jesus Could Have - - - Download Who Am I? Download
For the man who has everything Download Can I celebrate Christmas? Download
Gifts from God - Part 1 Download Gifts from God - Part 2 Download
Once Saved, Always Saved? Download Prophecy of Christ Download
The Beatitudes Download Abraham's Covenant Download
John the Baptizer Download 5 Sins of Sodom Download
Treasure and Pearls Download Joseph Forgave Download
David and Instrumental Music Download God, Our Awesome Friend Download
How to Hate Download Tabernacle as a Type Download
4 New Testament Fools Download