For  a few years I have taught the Searcher's Class each Wednesday night using Power Point. The outlines are already on the website in the "Class Outlines" section. I add the new files at the top of this list.
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You can view these files by clicking on the title in the first column. If you would like the original Power Point file that you can edit, click the title in the second column.

Please feel free to use these Power Point files, or change and edit them to suit your needs.

Title / View in flash Original PP File (.ppt or .pptx)
Dinosaurs and Man Dinosaurs and Man
Fornication Word Study Fornication Word Study
Love: A Splintered Thing Love: A Splintered Thing
Humanity / Divinity of Jesus Humanity / Divinity of Jesus
When the Patriarchal Age ended When the Patriarchal Age ended
Leprosy in the Bible Leprosy in the Bible
Reflections in an Aging Mirror Reflections in an Aging Mirror
How was the Bible inspired? (Part 1) How was the Bible inspired? (Part 1)
How was the Bible inspired? (Part 2) How was the Bible inspired? (Part 2)
Which Translation should I use? Which Translation should I use?
Winking At Drinking Winking At Drinking
Canonicity - 1 Canonicity - 1
Canonicity - 2 Canonicity -2
Canonicity - 3 Canonicity -3
Tattoos Tattoos
Stumble Stumble
Baptism - 1 Baptism - 1
Baptism - 2 Baptism - 2
Baptism - 3 Baptism - 3
Baptism - 4 Baptism -4
Baptism - 5 Baptism - 5
Baptism - 6 Baptism - 6
Baptism - 7 Baptism -7
Power Up Power Up
Yellow Teeth - 1 Yellow Teeth
Yellow Teeth - 2 Yellow Teeth - 2
Melchizedek Melchizedek
Accountability Accountability
Witness Witness
Angels - Male or Female? Angels - Male or Female?
Heaven - 1 Heaven - 1
Heaven - 2 Heaven - 2
Heaven - 3 Heaven -3
Heaven - 4 Heaven -4
Hell - 1 Hell - 1
Hell - 2 Hell -2
Hell - 3 Hell -3
Hebrews 13 Hebrews 13
Abuses of Grace Grace
Tempted and Tried Tempted and Tried
Sin - 1 Sin-1
Sin - 2 Sin-2
Sin - 3 Sin-3
Is the Bible Reliable? Is the Bible Reliable?
Lottery Lottery
Interpret Interpret
Answer to Premillennialism Answer to Premillennialism
Public vs. Private Sins Public vs. Private Sins
Degrees of Reward / Punishment Degrees of Reward / Punishment
What are Idle Words? What are Idle Words?
Why are Christians Miserable? Why are Christians Miserable?
Chapters and Verses Chapters and Verses
Hebrew, Israelite, Jew Hebrew, Israelite, Jew
Prayers of Imprecation Prayers of Imprecation
Why did they live so long? Why did the live so long?
Narcissism Narcissism
Who will confess at Judgment? Who will confess at Judgment?