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Attend a denomination? - Should a Christian ever attend a denomination? Is it a sin?

Dinosaurs - Did they exist? Did they exist at the time of man on earth? Evolution says
they were 100 million years earlier than man. The evidence rejects this.


Fornication - Many do not understand this term. Here is a study of this word as it
is used in the New Testament.


Humanity / Divinity of Jesus - Many doubt the divinity of Jesus. Some doubt His having
come in the flesh. Here is a study of the humanity and divinity of Jesus.
Leprosy in the Bible - Is leprosy in the Bible the same as leprosy that is known in the world
today? Why were the rules so strict and harsh?

Reflections in a Aging Mirror - We all are growing older. The issue is not how to stop aging,
but how to keep the right spirit and attitude as we age. How can we grow old with grace?
Study of Angels - Who are they? What do they do? Are there guardian angels? This is an
extensive study on this subject.
Personal Bible Study - Here are some suggestions about how to begin a daily, personal,
private Bible study.
Doubt - Many have doubts. Then we feel guilty for having doubt. What does the Bible
teach about this topic?
Is Sickness from God? - Why do we get sick? What is the source of our pain and disease?
The Beauty of Age - We are all getting older. What should our attitude toward aging be?

How was the Bible inspired? - How did the thought in the mind of God become written on
parchment and preserved? What was the process of inspiration?
Which translation should I use? - There are many choices. Some are very good. Some are
not well done. We will study the how of translation and look at some of the more popular
choices available.
Who will confess at the Judgment? - If we confess faith at the judgment, will we be saved?
If all confess, will all be saved? What will everyone confess on Judgment Day?
Narcissism - Many are in love with themselves. The Bible discusses pride
and arrogance.
Why did they live so long? - Why did they live 900 years? Why don't we live that long?


Authority of Elders - Do elders have any authority in the local church? This study looks
at some of the passages and some Greek words involved
Prayers of Imprecation - There are many imprecatory prayers in the Bible.
Are they consistent with the "love your enemies" command of Jesus? Should
Christians pray prayers of imprecation

Hebrew, Israelite, Jew - While we often use these terms to mean the same
thing, they are very different is who is included in each term.
Origin of Chapters and Verses - When was the Bible divided into chapters and
verses? When did it become standard in all Bibles?
Miserable Christians - Why are some Christians so miserable? We ought to be
filled with joy and hope.
Idle Words - What are the idle words that will judge us?
Providence - The providence of God is a topic about which there are many views.
What does the Bible teach about providence today?
Music Issues - There is a lot of confusion about music issues.
Private vs. Public Sins - Is there any difference in a private sin? When does a
private sin become public?
Trinity Verses - Here is a list of some of the verses in the Bible about the trinity.
Humming - Here are more questions about music in worship.
Friendship Evangelism - How does Friendship Evangelism work? How do I do it?
Confess Sin - What should be confessed publicly? To whom? Why? Why don't we do more of it?
We Shoot our Wounded - Why do we kick people when they are down?
Seed of Abraham - A study of the descendents of Abraham
Why is there Pain? - Why do good people suffer? Can't God stop suffering and pain?
Head of the Godhead - Is one person in the Godhead in authority over the other two?
Church History Part 1 - Here is a detailed outline of the first half of church history
War Issues - Can a Christian go to war? Be a policeman? Kill in self-defense?
Mohammed - Who is this man? What did he teach?
Holy Days - What are the most holy days under the Law of Moses?
Mary Magdalene - Who was this woman? Many believe she was a prostitute.
Sing Questions - Here is a little self-study on instrumental music in worship.
Righteousness - What does it mean to be righteous?
Holy, Holy, Holy - How is God Holy? How can I be Holy?
Providence of God - This is a brief study of examples of providence.
OBS Study - Simple outline guide to using the Open Bible Study lessons.
Women Study Intro - I used this to introduce the subject of women's role in worship.
7 Baptisms in NT - Which is the "one baptism" of Ephesians 4? Study the 7 baptisms.

Euthanasia - What about the aged, the mentally handicapped or just the useless
of our society? What about assisted suicide and other forms of ending life?
Abortion - Abortion is not just a political issue. It is a moral decision as well. Here are 10
Biblical reasons that I believe abortion is the taking of a human life - murder.
How does God answer prayer? - We know that prayer is a vital link between the believer
and God. But, does God hear? Does He answer? How does He respond to prayer?
Who Can Pray? - There is much discussion about who can pray to God. Does God hear the
prayer of a sinner? Must I be perfect to pray to God?
Study of 1 Corinthians 12-14 - Any study of spiritual gifts in the early church and if those gifts
continue today, must include an in-depth study of these chapters.

Are there miracles today? - Some claim to be able to work miracles today as the apostles did
in the early church. Have miracles ended? Can people speak in tongues and heal the sick and
raise the dead? What does the New Testament teach us about miracles?
Satan Study - What do we know about Satan? Where did he come from?


Forgiveness Issues - Many do not understand why, when and how we should forgive others.
Must I forgive? Even if they do not ask or repent? How can I forgive when I am so hurt?
The Indwelling Spirit - There are many questions about how the Holy Spirit dwells in the Christian
and what He does. What is the value of the "gift of the Holy Spirit"?
What is the purpose of Worship? - Why should we worship? Does God need our worship?
Why do we NEED to worship? What should we get from worship?
Communion Study - There are many issues about who, what, when, why and how we
should partake of communion.
Roman Bypass - Sometimes we run so far away from what is wrong that we miss what
is right. We bypass Rome and miss Jerusalem.
Numerology - Sometimes numbers in the Bible are used as symbolic terms. Most often in
the books of prophecy, numbers are used to represent ideas.
Friendship Evangelism - The method that works best is a long-term approach of friendship and
the development of a real relationship - then teach them - from the Bible and your example.
Personal Work Today - The methods that worked 40 years ago, don't work today. The message
is the same, but the methods must change with changing attitudes and generations.
Bible Baptisms - Ephesians 4:4 says there is "one baptism" but there are several baptisms
mentioned in the New Testament. Which of these is the one baptism?
Can I Understand the Bible? - For many, the Bible is a complicated book that needs some
special rules for interpretation and understanding. How can I understand the Bible?
Relative not a Christian - How can Christians convert their non-Christian family members? How
do you comfort the family of a non-Christian?
English Translations of the Bible - There are many versions at a Bible book store. Which ones are
better, worst, not as good, better? This stud looks at several of the current translations for their
strengths and weaknesses.
Suicide - What does the Bible teach about suicide? Is it a sin with no forgiveness? What are the
causes of suicide? Can it be prevented?
Race Origins - Where did the various races of man come from? When did they originate? Are there
restrictions on marriage or interaction with other races?
Wine in the Bible - There are several misconceptions about the word "wine" in the Bible. Does the Bible
approve drinking? What about social drinking? Does wine always mean a drink with alcohol?

Christmas and the Church - There are many questions about the relation of the church to the many "holy
days" (holidays with religious connections). This study looks at the difference between what the church
may do and what the individual may do.
Betrothed / Espoused - These are strange terms to us. They have to do with, what we call, engagement. How
did people become engaged in Bible times?
Jubilee and the Christian - What was Jubilee in the Old Testament? Are there any implications for us today?
Personal Bible Study - How can I study the Bible at home? What tools do I need? What method works best?
What translation should I use? Can I use my computer?
Blood Sacrifices - In the Old Testament, under the Law of Moses there were four types of blood sacrifices.
Must I be baptized again? - This is a brief study on what makes your previous baptism proper or valid. There are
three essentials in the New Testament which determine if a baptism is acceptable to God or not.
Baptism Study - This is an all inclusive study of baptism. All aspects of baptism are studied in this detailed lesson.
E S P - Does the Bible discuss premonitions and ESP?
Answers to Calvinism - Does the Bible teach what Calvin taught? What should be our response to the teachings of John
Calvin and the 5 points of Calvinism?
Calvin's TULIP - What is the belief and teaching called "Calvinism"? This study looks at the statements of the creed
 to summarize what John Calvin taught in his writings.
Spiritual Gifts- A study of spiritual gifts. When did they end? What were they? What was their purpose? Included in
this outline is a detailed outline of 1 Corinthians 12 - 14.
Lawful and Expedient - What does Paul mean "all things are lawful?" How can we determine what is expedient? How
can we apply this principle to the commands of the New Testament church?
Do Not Eat - What is forbidden and what is allowed in the command to not eat with a sinner?
Idle Words - What are "idle words" and how can we avoid this very dangerous sin?
Anger and Wrath - The one sin that invades our lives is this - anger. What is anger? How can I avoid sinning?
Envy - Rotten Bones - Included in the study of sins (see file below) I did a deeper study of Envy.
The "Sin" Lists - What do all those words mean? How can I avoid the sin if I don't know the meaning of the word? This
study looks at the passages in the New Testament where long lists of sins given.
Sanctification and Holiness - What is sanctification? Can we become holy as
God is holy?What are these terms? What
do they mean? How are they used in reference to God? How do they apply to Christians? Are we sanctified? Are you
holy? How can I become sanctified?


Did Jesus Abolish the Law of Moses? - Some see a contradiction in the NT. Jesus said he did not come to destroy the law.
Paul said Jesus abolished the law at his death. This study will look at the words - abolish and destroy. We will also examine the issue of how much,
 if any, of the Law of Moses was "carried over" into the New Testament.
Pets in Heaven? - Will my pet dog or cat be in heaven? This is a word study of "soul" and "spirit" in both OT and NT.
Reincarnation - Does the Bible teach that we return to earth in different bodies? Does the Bible teach reincarnation? What did the early church
fathers have to say about this subject?
When was Jesus crucified? - Some have suggested that the crucifixion took place on Wednesday or Thursday rather than the traditional view of a
Friday crucifixion. When was He raised? - Did the resurrection take place on Saturday or Sunday? How can you explain "3 days and 3 nights" in the tomb?
Writing Rules - Sometimes we seek to impose our opinions, desires, likes and rules on others. This is a study of Colossians 2 about rule writing and
imposing them on others.
Heavenly Recognition - Will we recognize friends and family members in heaven? Will we retain our identity in eternity? There are several arguments for
recognition and the answer to some objections to this view.
Tattoos and Body Piercing - Does the Bible forbid getting a tattoo? What, if anything, does the Bible say about body piercings? This is a study of
Leviticus 19 in it context.
Cremation - Should Christians be cremated? Is this a desecration or showing disrespect for the body?
1,000 Year Reign - Will Christ return to the earth and reign on a literal throne in Jerusalem for 1,000 years? Why is there so much confusion over a simple
statement in Revelation 20? What is the doctrine of Premillennialism all about? Is there a simple way to understand this difficult subject?
Near Death / Out of Body Experiences - Does the Bible discuss the claims of many for seeing a bright light, traveling up a tunnel and being told to return to their body?
Reliable Documents - Can we be sure that the documents we have are reliable? Do we have all the Bible? Are there missing books?
Canonicity - Who and how were the books of the Bible accepted and others rejected?
Writing Materials - What materials and process was used to write the ancient documents we translate for our Bible?
Reliable Text - This is the third part of the study of how the Bible was accepted.
Gospel of Judas - The supposed recent discovery of a "lost" book written by Judas is making the news. Should it be included in the New Testament?
Modest Apparel - How does the Bible define "modest apparel"? Do customs and culture impact the Biblical commands?



Hell - What is Hell like? Who will be there? This is an extended study of Hell.
Grace Offers - Faith Accepts - Many struggle with the Grace of God and or need for faith.
Must we "interpret" the Bible? - How can we read and understand the Bible? Why are there so many different interpretations to the same passage?
Can I play the Lottery? - What does the Bible say about gambling? Is the state run lotteries a form of gambling?
Study of Sin - What is sin? Are there different kinds or degrees of sin? This is a deeper study about sin in the Bible.


Age of Accountability - At what age does a child become accountable to God for the sin in their lives? How old should one be before being baptized?
Bankruptcy - Should Christians file for bankruptcy? Is it a sin to declare bankruptcy?
Heaven - What will we do in heaven all day? What is heaven like?
Melchizedek - Who is this man and what importance does he have in the Bible?
Stumble / Offense - What do these words mean? How are they used in the New Testament?
Winking At Drinking- The Bible uses the word "wine" in very different ways than the word is used today. What does the Bible teach about the use of
wine as a beverage?
Yellow Teeth - Christians often stand up for the right things, but use the wrong arguments to defend their moral stand. Such arguments are "yellow teeth."

One Cup -
Does the Bible require us to partake of the Lordís Supper from one cup, rather than individual cups? Many churches have split over this
issue. While to many it is a silly thing, there are people who quote scripture, and insist that all who use multiple cups are in violation of the command of God.
What does the Bible teach about the use of trays, individual cups, or even multiple cups in one church service?
Must women wear a veil in worship? - Can women cut their hair? What does 1 Corinthians 11 teach? Does this passage discuss rules for all time or customs
of that day? Do these rules apply to Christians today?

What is Prayer? - How does God answer prayer? - Two vital questions for every Christian. This study will focus on what is included in prayer and IF, WHEN,
and HOW God answers our prayers.
How to Reduce Stress - All of us are under stress. There are some ways we can reduce the stress in our lives. Included in this outline is a way to measure
your stress level and 10 suggestions to reduce the level of stress.
Denominationalism - Why are there so many different denominations? What do they teach? How can one sort through the confusion of the religious world?
Are the churches of Christ a denomination?
Elder Authority - How much power and authority do elders have? What does the Bible teach about the authority of this office in the church?
Is there an "Unpardonable" Sin? - Many live in fear that they have done something so horrible that God is not willing or able to forgive them. Can I do something
so bad that I am beyond forgiveness from God?
When are Examples Binding? - When you read about some action in the Bible, does that action become binding authority? Do examples have the power to
command or limit our actions?
Who is Bewitched? - This is a long response to some false teaching about the churches of Christ and some background about the ICOC.
The Trinity - What does the Bible teach on this subject? How can I understand such a complicated subject? How do I explain and prove the teaching of a trinity?
Church Discipline - What is it? How should it be done? When? Why? Who should be disciplined? Why is it seen practiced so seldom?

Should we pray to Jesus? - Is the song, "Have a little talk with Jesus" a scriptural song? Should prayer only be addressed to God the Father? Can we pray to Jesus?
Why are we Afraid? - Why are Christians so fearful? Don't we believe God is with us? Where does fear come from? How can I overcome my fears?
Matthew 19:9 - Here are some notes on this verse as it relates to the subject of who may remarry following a divorce. The full topical outline is listed below.
Matthew 5:32 - Important notes on Matthew 5:32 in relation to who is allowed to remarry following a divorce. The full topical outline is listed below.
Who can remarry following a divorce? - A sensitive subject which needs our careful attention. This study will not answer all the questions about marriage and
divorce. The focus is on who has the right to marry again.
Instrumental Music - How do we answer the many misunderstandings about why we do not use instrumental music in our worship?
What does the Bible teach on this matter?
Is church attendance necessary? - Must a Christian attend every service of the church? What about Sunday night and Wednesday night Bible study?
Is it a sin to miss a church service?
Is there life after death? - Is this life the end? Does any part of man exist after death? Is there eternal life?
Why destroy Jerusalem? - Why did God destroy Jerusalem in 70 AD? Was it a punishment for killing Jesus?
Islam: What do they believe? - An extended study of the history, teachings, and radical views of this religion.
What is the gift of the Holy Spirit? - Acts 2:38 promises us a gift. What is it? Do I have it? What does it do?

Can a woman baptize? - Who can baptize? Must it be a preacher? This study will examine what is required for baptism and in what areas the
New Testament is silent.
How Wide is God's Mercy? - Must Hindus, Muslims and Jews believe in Jesus to be saved? Check out what Billy Graham believes and
what the Bible teaches.
Public Vs. Private Worship - Are there differences in our public worship and how we worship in private?
Direct Operation of the Holy Spirit - How does the Holy Spirit work? Does He work separate from the Word of God?
Mormons, Book of Mormon, Lost Tribes - What is the Book of Mormon all about? What do the Mormons teach?
Open Theism - Does God know what will happen in the future? Is God as surprised by events as we are? If God knows what will happen, why
does he not prevent bad things from harming us?
Eat in the Building - What is the proper and improper use of the church building?
Demon Possession - An in-depth study of demons and how they possessed people.
Women in Leadership - What does the Bible teach about women in leadership in the church?
Red Flags - Many change are being seen in churches. Are these changes good or bad, right or wrong?

How to Study - Many want to study the Bible daily, but are not sure how, where to begin, what tools are needed.
Little Lies - We make a distinction between little lies and big lies. What does God say? Why do we lie?
Spirits in Prison - This is a study of 1 Peter 3:18-22. Did Jesus preach to the lost after his death on the cross? Were some given a second chance at
salvation? What does this passage teach?
Omega Code - Is there a hidden "code" in the Bible? What do the book and movie teach which the Bible does not teach?
Environmental Christians - What is our responsibility toward the planet earth? What is "nimby"?
7th Day Adventists - What do they teach? What does the Bible teach?
Universal Flood - Was the flood of Noah's day just a local one or did it cover the entire earth?
Support of Orphan Homes - This is a study of how the money of the local church can be used. Can it be used to support institutions and organizations
like an orphan home?
End of Time - What will happen in that last moment, twinkling of an eye? This is a study of the second coming, resurrection, and judgment.
Sin Unto Death - What is the "sin unto death" in 1 John 5:16-17?
What is Heaven Like? - What will it be like to be in Heaven? What will we be like?
Auction a Quilt - A study of church finances - How to raise funds, how they should be spent.
ESP, Premonitions - What is the source of those premonitions which we sometimes have?

Inter-racial Marriage - Where did the different races come from? Are there any Biblical restrictions on inter-racial marriages?
Capital Punishment - Here is a study of God's view of capital punishment - Old and New Testament
Fasting Today - This outline answers all the questions about fasting and its importance.
Family Member not a Christian - If a member of your family dies without becoming a Christian - How can you recover from the double loss and grief?
Gift of the Holy Spirit - What is the give promised in Acts 2:38? What does this power help us do?
Questions on Marriage - A detailed study of 1 Corinthians 7 where Paul answers 7 questions about marriage.
Godhead - Trinity - The trinity is a difficult doctrine to understand. This study proves the trinity.
Women in Worship - Can a woman cut her hair? Must women wear a hat or veil to worship God? This is a study of 1 Corinthians 11.
Hatred - Hatred is a harsh term. Why is there so much hatred? Why is hatred so harmful?
We Die Once - Reincarnation is not Biblical. We live once and will be judged on that one life.
What is Gambling? - What is gambling? Why is gambling wrong?
Have Miracles Ceased? - What is a miracle? In what way have miracles ceased? Do miracles still occur today?
The State of the Dead - What happens after death? Are we conscious? Do we retain our identity and memory?
Levels of Learning - Bible teachers must understand that people learn at different levels.
Spiritual Gifts - This is a study of spiritual gifts in the early church (1 Corinthians 12-14). What were they, why were they given, how long did they last,
when they ended, how they were to be used.

Valid Baptism - What is required (and not required) for a baptism to be acceptable to God?
Blasphemy - Can Christians blaspheme today? Can one be forgiven of this sin?
Degrees of Punishment - Are there degrees of punishment? Are there degrees of reward?
Jubilee - What was this Jewish festival all about? Are there any applications for Christians?
Marriage & Divorce - What is the teaching of Jesus on this vital issue? This study includes an examination of all NT passages on the subject of
divorce and remarriage.
Women's Role - Women's roles are changing in society and marriage. What about in the church? Can a woman serve as an elder, deacon or preacher?
Why Suffering - Suffering challenges our faith. Are there any good purposes to suffering?
Heavenly Recognition - Will we recognize each other in heaven? What if I look for a family member and they are not in heaven? Can I still be happy?
Prejudice - This is not about race relations. It is about all kinds of pre-judging of groups - race, social, professional, education, wealth, property they own.
Premillenialism - As we approach 2000, many have become interested in when Jesus will return. Much of the religious world teaches some form of
Premillenialism. This in-depth study seeks to expose the errors involved.
Predestination - John Calvin taught predestination. Today the concept of predestination is still alive.
Once Saved, Always Saved - What does the Bible teach about eternal security? Is a saved person always saved? Can a saved person be in
danger of being lost?