Additional Topical Class Outlines


Listed below are some older outlines taught in other places.
These were developed before I moved to Athens, TN in 1998.
I hope that you find some useful materials here as you teach the Word of God.

Topic (Click on the title to open) Summary of this material
Discernment How can we discern right and worng? Can we know good from evil?
Guilt What are the causes, effects and cures for a guilty conscience?
Miracles Ended? Have miracles ceased? Can men still perform miracles today?
120 Year Period Why did God wait 120 years before the flood?
Sheep and Goats How can you tell the sheep from the goats?
Predestination What does the Bible teach about predestination? Is my life, death, and eternal destiny already set?
Annual Checkup Here are some questions to take a new year inventory.
Baptism First Where does baptism fit in our salvation - first, last, in the middle?
The Gap What is the status of those who died after the cross and before Pentecost?
Baptism Questions How much do I need to know? What about re-baptism?
Church Growth What are the necessary ingredients for church growth?
Church Purpose What is the purpose of the church - local, universal?
Church Role in Marriages What can the church do to help troubled marriages and the divorced?
Assorted Questions Should one worship with an "anti" congregation? What is the status of an erring child of God? Could there be life on other planets?
Communion This study seeks to answer all the questions: When, Why, How, Who, and What?
Denominationalism Which church is right? Are denominations OK? What is the "restoration plea" all about?
Elders and their children How many children must a man have? How old should they be? What about after they leave home?
We Should Know This is an extended fill-in the blank study of basic doctrines that every Christian should know.
Evil Thoughts Where do evil thoughts come from? How can they be controlled?
Faith and Doubt What is faith? Where does doubt come from? How can we handle doubts?
Raising a Family An extended study of marriage, birth of children, toddlers, teens, etc.
Forgive and Forget How can I forgive when I am so deeply hurt? Can I forgive but not forget?
Friendly Church Many churches are friendly to each other, but not to visitors. Why?
God's Part in Salvation What has God done to make salvation available to all men? Why did Jesus die?
Understanding Grief What is grief? How can I handle my grief? How can I help others who are huring?
Heaven Questions What is heaven like? Will I know others? Are there degrees of reward in heaven?
Visit the Sick How to visit the sick, dying, children, other difficult situations.
Humanity of Jesus Jesus was also human. This is a study of Jesus human side.
Marks of Identity How can I identify the New Testament church among the more than 400 denominations?
Matthew 19:9 What does this verse teach about divorce and remarriage?
Matthew 5:32 A study of this passage on divorce.
Members in trouble What if a member of this church were arrested for some crime? How should the church react?
Ministry Goals What are some things preachers should keep as goals of their ministry?
Instrumental Music Arguments This study responds to some arguments made in favor of instrumental music in worship.
Music Test How much do you understand about the songs you sing? Here is a fun test to take.
Name of Church Did the New Testament church have a name? What is a biblical name for the church?
NIV Review Some have objected to the NIV. This is a review of their objections.
Questions about Christians How should Christians observe Christmas and other "religious" holidays?
Personal Christian Liberty This is a study of Romans 14 and the liberty of individual Christians.
Proverbs 22:6 If children go bad, are the parents at fault?
Providence What does God do? How does providence work?
Campbellites This is a review of a work critical of churches of Christ.
Quartets and Worship Should our worship include quartets and other special sining groups?
Race Origins Where did the various races come from? Does the Bible teach against blacks?
Santa and the Church How should Christians deal with Santa (Easter Bunny and others)?
Satan Worship This is a study of Satanism and its growth in America.
Self-Image How can we have a good self-image without being arrogant?
Thorn in the Flesh What was Paul's "thorn in the flesh"?
TULIP A study of the TULIP (5 points of Calvinism). What does the Bible teach?
Unequal Yoke What is an unequal yoke? Does this passge forbid the marriage to a non-Christian?