Sermons - 2008

Here are the sermons I have preached in 2008.

Current or newest sermons are added to the top of this page.

Trip into 2009 - As you plan to enter a new year, it is important
to plan, anticipate and prepare. Here are some suggestions.
Jesus, Son of Seven - There are several phrases used in the NT
to help us understand the relationship of Jesus to humanity.
Why We Give Up - We start out strong, then, at some point we
slow down, stop, give up, throw in the towel. Why?
Untrue Truisms - There are many phrases that we use as general
truisms. But are they really true?
True Love - Love is an often used and abused word. What is
included in true love?
Tear Down Walls - There are walls that divide and separate us.
These walls should come down.
Why is there Suffering? - We have all asked, "Why?" Here are
some biblical reasons for suffering.
Fine Art of Frog Kissing - The story of the Frog Prince is based
on the idea that kissing frogs is unpleasant work. As Christians
God gives us some tasks that may not be the most pleasant.
Thanks for Nothing - At Thanksgiving time we offer thanks. But,
do we mean it? Are we genuine on our gratitude?
Take Time to be Holy - We sing the song but don't take the time
to sing all the verses. Are we taking time to be holy?
Self Fulfilling Prophecies - Sometimes what we fear will happen,
happens. We often make self-fulfilling prophecies.
Waiting for the Dead - We hope that God will change His mind
and allow what He has forbidden. We are waiting for the dead.
Not Obeyed God - What happens when we fail to obey what God
commands of us? Learn the lesson from Israel.
Seasons of Life - Life comes in stages (seasons) and each of them
gives new challenges for us.
Never Again List - There are some things that Christians can scratch
off their list. They will "never again" have to do these things.
Are you Mature? - Sometimes we are not as mature acting in our
homes and in the church as we should. What are some of the marks
of a mature Christian?
Split Hairs - Many have become "experts" as looking for a loophole,
splitting hairs, and re-defining words so they can make their sin
appear to be something good.
Frog in a Pothole - Sometimes life seems to put potholes in our way
and we seem to always be at the bottom. Is there a way out?
Relative No - There are two kinds of "No" in the Bible. There is the
absolute NO. Then there is the relative no. Here are some examples
where the relative no is used.
Plan A - God had a plan. Jesus is the heart of Plan A. The key to
understanding the Old Testament, New Testament, and the plan for
our salvation is found in Jesus
No Plan B - God had a plan. There was no backup plan. We often make
a plan, then develop a 2nd plan in case the first does not work out.
Are You Salty? - Jesus teaches that we should be the "salt of the earth."
Are we doing what salt does?
Question No One Asks - It seems that no one wants to accept the blame or
take responsibility for their actions or choices.
What does the Cross Represent? - The cross is the symbol that represents
Christianity in art, songs, and buildings.
God's Hospital - The church is a place for healing (spiritual healing) and
so there are some comparisons with a hospital here on earth.
Curiosity - It may kill the cat but it saved
Zacchaeus. We should have a
healthy curiosity about God, heaven, and our eternal life.

No Substitutes - God does not accept cheap imitations for the real thing,
when we worship, work and live for God.
Loneliness - We often feel lonely at times. Some live with the feeling of
being all alone every day. Is there a cure for being lonely?
Bucket List - What do you dream of doing before your life ends? We all
have dreams, some unfulfilled. What is on your "bucket list"?
Are we a Denomination? - Many have tried to make churches of Christ
a denomination. We have resisted. Well, are we a denomination?
What do you Offer? - What do people look for when choosing a place to
worship? Self-centeredness comes to the front seeking how the church
can help them, rather than how they can help and serve the church.
Tempted to Sin - Some believe that Jesus was not tempted like each of
us faces temptation. How can I overcome temptation?
Teach us to Pray - The apostles asked Jesus for help in learning how to
pray. Jesus taught them (and us).
Attendance Issues - There are some principles involved in our decision to
attend or not attend a worship assembly of the church.

Back to School - In addition to paper and pencils, there are some other
things that are needed in our backpacks.
Blessed Assurance - We sing about it but are not sure that we have any
assurance of our salvation. Here are some reasons to be sure.

Accidents Happen - I had an accident 3 months ago. I am healing. This
sermon looks at some lessons to learn from accidents.
Let Your Light Shine - Jesus commands us to let our light shine. He did
not command us to shine our light. Are people seeing your light?
Study of Hebrews 10:25 - Participation and presence at worship is very
significant for Christians. This sermon looks at an important text.

I Approve this Message - You hear this phrase used in political commercials
on radio and TV. Here is a sermon that examines our approval of God.
How Valuable is your Religion? - Many attend but are just pretenders, not
real or genuine in their faith.
God Is - - - Paul presents the one, true, living God to the people of Athens,
Greece. This lesson examines the 14 points about God.
Preacheritis - There is a dangerous disease many Christians have. They
place their faith and trust in a preacher rather than in God.

July 4 and Freedom - America celebrates it birthday as a free nation on July 4.
This sermon looks at spiritual freedom in Christ.
Middle Wall - When Christ died on the cross, He also tore down the middle wall
that separated Jews from Gentiles. Now all are one in Christ.

Should we fellowship denominations? - There are hundreds of denominations
and many independent groups. Should we be in fellowship with them?

Graying of the Church - Have you noticed that many congregations are getting
older, grayer? Where are the young people going? What is the future?
Issues that Divide: No Bible Class - There were several objections regarding having
Bible classes. Dividing the assembly, literature, visual aids, woman teachers are
among the objections to Sunday School.

Time with Frogs - Another frog sermon. Pharaoh wanted to spend some more time
with the plague of frogs that were everywhere. Why?
Issues that Divide: Orphan Home - One of the "hot button" issues over the past 50
years has been the support of orphan homes. Can churches support organizations
like orphan homes?
Issues that Divide: Mutual Edification - Some believe that the church should not hire
a preacher to work, teach and preach to local congregation. Is is wrong to pay
the preacher?

Responsibility of church to its elders - We often study the duties of elders, but we
should also know the duties of the church members toward the elders.
Issues that Divide: One Cup - Should the fruit of the vine be served in one cup from
which all drink OR individual cups?

Meaningful Retirement - As baby boomers reach retirement age, there is a need to
learn how to adjust to the retired life of a Christian.

Where We Stand -2 - The second part of this study looks at internal divisions and how well
we are keeping and training our young people.

Message of Miracles - There are 8 miracles of Jesus in the gospel of John. Each of
these miracles send a message.
Where We Stand - 1 - Flavil Yeakley has done great work in gathering stats about
growth of the churches of Christ. This sermon looks at some important stats.

Worship Is / Is Not - There is confusion about what is and is not worship. This sermon
seeks to separate what is acceptable worship from what is not acceptable to God.
Authority in Worship - Many seek their authority for what they do in worship in all
the wrong places. This sermon looks at the "silence" arguments. Does silence
allow, permit, authorize or does silence forbid?
Gideon's Army - There are some important lessons to learn about how God can
help us against insurmountable odds.

Easter: Fact and Fiction - While much of the religious world celebrates Easter as a
religious holiday, there is a lot of fiction mixed in with the facts.
Wrestle with God - Jacob wrestled with God. But, each of us have had our bouts of
wrestling with God and His will for our lives.
What is Goodness? - We have a different view of goodness than God does. We often
define goodness in terms what is good for us.
Sickness Ain't Sin - Many have a wrong attitude about sickness which is mental or
emotional, rather than physical or organic. Depression is not a lack of faith.

Bulldogs or Shepherds - What is the type of leadership God looks for in His church?
Some leaders are bulldogs, while others are shepherds. What is the work of the elder?
Creation Days - How long were the 6 days of creation in Genesis 1? Some try to make
each day a long period of time. Here are some reasons it won't work.

Deacon Misconceptions - Much confusion and misunderstanding exist about the work
and authority of deacons. This sermon will discuss 5 misconceptions about deacons.

State of the Church - This lesson will focus on the local church at Priceville. What is the
spiritual and physical condition of this church? What are our goals for 2008?

Negative Qualifications of Elders - This study combines the qualifications listed in Titus
and those in 1 Timothy 3. There is a chart to help analyze each requirement.
Positive Qualifications of Elders - Here is part 2 with the positive qualifications.

Deacon Qualifications - What are the qualifications for the office of a deacon? What do these
words mean and how do we decide who is qualified?
Deacon's Job - What is the work of the deacon? Is it only material or physical? Can he oversee
some spiritual work in the local congregation?
Grace Misconceptions - There is a great amount of misunderstanding about what grace is,
how it saves, and what, if anything, else is involved.
Organization of the Church - Jesus is the head of the church in the universal sense. But
how did God intend each local congregation to function?
Carry My Bones - Joseph wanted his bones taken from Egypt and buried in Palestine. It was
about 400 years later that Moses honored this request. There are several important lessons
to learn about respect for the dead and honoring those who have gone before us.
Paradise Lost - God created a paradise for Adam and Eve. But that paradise was lost. This
sermon looks at what they had, what they lost and how to re-gain paradise.
A Good Minister - Comments are made about a minister being good (or not so good). What
does the New Testament teach about what is necessary to have a good minister?