Sermons - 2012

Here are the sermons I have preached in 2012.

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Gifts to Give all Year - Giving for Christians does not end after Christmas.

New Year Commitment (A sermon in song)

Treasure in Heaven - Where is your treasure?

Woman of Virtue.htm - Solomon gives all women some great
challenges to be a woman of virtue.

Purpose of Miracles - We know and believe the miracles of Jesus
and his apostles. But what was their purpose?

Fasting Today - We know about fasting in the OT. What does the
New Testament teach about fasting today?

Damaged Words - The world has stolen many good words and
given them a new meaning.

The 11th Commandment - Jesus added another command for us
to follow.

Wrong Uses of the Tongue - While the tongue can do many good
things, it is also able to do great harm.

10 Tips for Raising Children - Here are some practical tips for
parents to remember.

Jesus Christ: The Son of Seven - Jesus is more than the Son
of God. He is the son of 7.

Death is Gain - Why do we fear death? Paul says that death
has some benefits.

September Series on the 10 Commandments - 10 Stupid Things
We Do To Mess Up Our Lives
- See links to the outlines from the
series page.

2nd Mile Brings a Smile - Jesus taught second mile service in His
sermon on the mount.

Abuses of Grace - While grace is important for our salvation, many
abuse the gift of God's grace.

Blessings in Christ - There are many blessings to being in Christ.
Here are some we don't often think about.

The Mind of Christ - We have the mind of Christ. Or, at least, we
should. What does it mean to have the mind of Christ?

Providence of God - God's providence is clearly taught but more
difficult to recognize.

Beware of the Dog - Paul warns against the "dogs" in the church.

Treasure, Pearls and Net - We look at 3 of the short parables in
Matthew 13 and what they mean.

Taking Oaths - Are all oaths forbidden? When should we take
an oath? Why are some oaths wrong?

Frog Legs for Breakfast - We must be cautious about our pride
causing us to fall.

He Emptied Himself - How was Christ made human. What did He
give up to become God with us?

Preaching Christ - Some may preach from wrong motives, but Paul
is glad that Christ is preached.

Loneliness - All of us may feel alone at times, but for many it is a
way of life and leads to depression.

Hills and Valleys of Life - Many great men had a high point in their
life followed by a deep valley of despair.

Zechariah - The deepest, more difficult of the minor prophets.
This book also has more about the coming Christ.

Malachi - The last prophet until the time of Christ. This book is
a debate with God. God wins.

Zephaniah - God promises that following the punishment comes
the blessing and reward - IF they learned their lesson.

Obadiah - The only 1-chapter book in the OT is about the doom
of the twin brother of Israel (Jacob). Esau (called Edom) needed to

Haggai - Why was the temple not built? Why has it been 14 years
since any work was done? Excuses that God did not accept.

Nahum - 150 years after Jonah saved Nineveh, it was now ready
for complete destruction.

Jonah: The Running Prophet - Jonah is the more familiar of the
minor prophets because of the story involved. But there are also
several important lessons to learn from Jonah.

Adultery in the Heart - With the technology of today, many are
committing adultery by long distance.

Joel: The Locust Prophet - There are some important lessons we
should learn from the locust plague on Israel.

The Inner Circle - We have many people we know, some are closer
than others. Then we have a few close friends. Jesus also had an
inner circle of those closest to Him.

Micah - Micah is an important book in the minor prophets.

Proverbs 22:6 - A Mother's Day sermon to encourage parents who feel
they have failed to properly train their children.

Habakkuk - Lessons to learn from this short book.

Hall Pass to Life - A Graduation Sermon about leaving high school and
entering into life.

Restoration Then and Now - While much work has been done to restore
the New Testament church, there is much to be done. This is a 2-part
sermon on 1) What has been done - 2) What is yet to be done.

The Loser's Limp - We see we are losing the battle so we begin to make
excuses for our loss.

Lessons from Hosea - Spiritual adultery is still a problem with God's people.

Atheist and the Preacher - There is a sharp contrast between the view
of a preacher and the view of an atheist.

Lessons from Amos - There are some important lessons from this
short book in the Old Testament.

Why I Believe in the Resurrection - Many have tried to scoff at the
resurrection of Jesus, without success.

Introduction to the Minor Prophets - This sermon is the beginning of a series
on the Minor Prophets. See all this series at - Minor Prophets.

Was the Law Destroyed? - Is there a contradiction in the Bible about the Law
being destoyed and Jesus saying He did not come to destroy it?

Jesus - Hell Fire Preacher - Gehenna is used 12 times in the New
Testament - 11 times by Jesus.

7th Day Adventist - Should we worship on Saturday or Sunday? Are the
10 Commandments still binding?

Meaning of "Church" - Like many other words, the word church has been
abused and misused. How does the Bible use this word?

What about Re-Baptism? - Should one be baptized a second time?

Don't Shine Your Light - Let your light shine is different than those who
shine their light to be seen of men.

The Tomato Frog - In my frog collection is a tomato frog. He has a defense
system - but dies in the process of using it. Sometimes the church is slow
to defend the gospel of Christ.

Communion - When, Who? - There are many questions about the Lord's
Supper, communion. This lesson looks at when we are to partake and who
is to partake.

What Constitutes Marriage? - In today's society the purpose and even the
value to marriage is devalued. Many do not know that marriage is.

Once Saved, Always Saved? - Does the Bible reject the teaching of eternal
security, often called, once saved, always saved?

The Raising of Lazarus - What can we learn from the events of John 11?

Is Baptism Essential? - Is baptism just a good idea or is it essential to eternal life
and forgiveness of sins?

The Name of the Church - There is much discussion about what name should be
used, if any, to describe the New Testament church.

Are we the only ones? - Many ask if we think we are the only ones who will go to
heaven? This question is answered in this sermon.

Facing Jerusalem - Why did Jesus go to Jerusalem when He knew that He would
be arrested and killed?

Beget, Begat, Begot - What is the purpose for those long lists of strange names
in the genealogies in the Bible? Should we study them?

Total Depravity - Does the Bible teach this part of the doctrines of Calvinism?

All Things are New - With the beginning of a new year there is a feeling of freshness.
We get to clean the slate and start over.

Instrumental Music - This sermon looks at some of the defenses trying to support the use
of instruments in worship to God.