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Must I be baptized again?


I often am asked this question. It comes in many forms.

I have been asked, I was baptized as an infant in _____ church. Must I be baptized again?

Or I have has people ask, I was baptized at age 25 into _____ church. Must I be baptized again?

There are three important questions that you must answer about your previous baptism.

  1. What was done?

    1. In the New Testament Baptism is immersion.

    2. It is a burial in water Romans 6:4; Colossians 2:12

    3. If your previous baptism was sprinkling or pouring then it was not the baptism commanded in the Bible.

  2. When was it done?

    1. By this question I am asking were you an infant, a young child, a teenager, or an adult?

    2. In the New Testament baptism is for those who:

      1. Believe Acts 8:37

      2. Repent of their sins Acts 2:38

      3. Confess their faith in Jesus Romans 10:9-10

    3. These requirements mean that the person ready to be baptized must be mature enough to:

      1. Know that they are lost, a sinner.

      2. Reach a point of faith that Jesus died for our sins.

      3. Make a decision to follow Christ.

      4. To express what they believe about Jesus orally in front of others.

    4. If your previous baptism was done BEFORE you were able to have faith and confess that faith with your mouth your baptism was not what the Bible commands.

  3. Why were you baptized?

    1. The purpose of baptism is also important.

    2. Here are some passages that teach the purpose of baptism:

      1. Acts 2:38 for remission of sins

      2. Acts 22:16 wash away sins

      3. 1 Peter 3:21 to be saved

      4. Romans 6:4 to walk in a new life

      5. Acts 10:48 commanded

      6. Mark 16:16 to be saved

    3. In many denominations baptism is for the purpose of:

      1. Joining the church.

      2. Showing that you are already saved.

      3. An outward symbol what has already taken place in the heart.

    4. If the purpose of your baptism was anything other than seeking salvation (forgiveness of sins) then your baptism was not the what the Bible teaches as the correct purpose.

Conclusion: If you baptism was not what the New Testament commands You need to be baptized. You need to buried in water, based on your confession of faith, for the purpose of forgiveness of sins.

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