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TITLE: Frog Legs For Breakfast

TEXT: Luke 18:9-14

PROPOSITION: Humility is tricky to keep.


KEY WORD: Passages



          1. Story of frog wanting to travel to Florida on a string between two geese...bite string... man on ground asks whose brilliant idea it was...frog wanted full credit..."I diiiiidd."...Man on ground had frog legs for breakfast.

          2. Church can grow IF - Don't care who gets the credit

          3. Bible teaches us to be humble - but it is hard to do

I. Passages to consider

          A. Gal. 6:3 think something; really nothing - deceive

          B. II Cor. 10:17 Glory in the Lord

                    1] At end of sermon - "Ain't God good?"

                    2] Give glory to God

          C. Luke 14:7-11 Parable of a banquet

                    1] Sit at head table - have to move

                    2] Better sit lower - invited up

                    3] Exalted = abased; Abased = exalted.

II. Text                   Luke 18:9-14

          A. Self-righteous

                    1] Trusted in themselves

                    2] Despised others

          B. Two men who prayed

                    1] Pharisee - Not like other men, give fast, pray

                    2] Publican - "Be merciful to me a sinner."

          C. Sneaky part of this story.

                    1] We know the Pharisee is wrong.

                    2] I am glad I am not like that Pharisee.


          1. Like the frog - we want the recognition, credit

          2. Humility is tricky stuff - Just when we think we have it made - Open mouth - Lose it all.

          3. We think it takes practice to be humble

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