Sermons - 2015

Here are the sermons I have preached in 2015.

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5 Reasons not to work - Here are the 5 most common excuses for not being
active and working in the church.

Regifting - We often get a gift that we don't want or can't use. So we wrap
it up and give it to another. God has given us a gift for us to re-gift.

God do something - When terrorists strike, some will ask, Why doesn't God
do something to protect His people?

4 Confessions - The New Testament talks about how we must confess
Christ. This sermon looks at the 4 confessions in the NT.

Bring Vessels - We must have faith that God can do more if we do more.

Worship Is - What is worship and what is not worship?

Piddling in Wilderness - Israel just piddled for 40 years. What about
us? Are we piddling in the Wilderness?

Are we the only ones? - Many accuse us for thinking we are the
only ones going to heaven? What does the Bible teach?

Fullness of Time - Why did God wait so long to send Jesus for our
salvation? God waited until the time was right.

Jump for Joy - The book of Philippians is about Joy.

6 Degrees - We are 6 degrees of separation from understanding the Bible.

Exegesis - There are two ways people approach their study of the Bible.

Instruments Matter - Some think that adding instruments to our worship
is not a thing of any concern to God.

Fellowship Denominations - Should Christians fellowship with the
denominations in our area?

Great Things - Often our priorities get out of line. The really great things
are pushed aside and we focus on things that are not important.

The Helper - There is much confusion about the work and person of the
Holy Spirit. How does He help us?

Halloween is Over - On Halloween children put on a mask and pretend to be
some hero or character. Christians sometimes wear masks and pretend to
be righteous. The word is hypocrite.

When Darkness Comes - Our lives will have periods of darkness and dispair.
What do you do when the dark days come?

ACTSS of Prayer - Prayer should include the 5 parts mentioned in this lesson.

Trump Scriptures - Some will just quote one verse and think that must exclude
all other passages.

7 things I can not do - There are things the preacher can not do.

What in the world is worldliness? - Most sermons on worldliness focus on only
a couple of moral issues. This sermon takes the broad view.

Church Treasury - Should the church have a treasury? What can we do with
the funds given?

Split Hairs - Sometimes we look for loopholes, re-define words, find some
way to get around the plain teaching of the Bible.

Doubt - Is it a sin to doubt? Why do we doubt?

How is your eyesight? - The Bible has much to say about our vision and
how we are able to see the will of God.

Submission is Scary - Many don't like the word "submit".

Read the Clouds - Should Christians consult a psychic?

Convictions - We must be people with a deep conviction of our faith.

Re-Dig Wells - Isaac had to re-dig the wells of Abraham. There are some
spiritual wells that need to be dug again.

4 Reasons HS Came - What was the purpose of the promise of the Holy
Spirit being sent?

Birth Prophecies - There are many prophecies about the birth of Jesus that
prove the inspiration of the Bible.

Imputed for Righteousness - Abraham is an example of how our righteousness
is imputed to us.

Simon of Cyrene - What do we know about the man who carried the cross?

Mid Year Resolutions - The year is half gone. Most resolutions from the new year
are long ago broken and forgotten. Here are some to make now.

Same Sex Marriages - With the Supreme Court ruling I will preach about
the issues involved in this moral issue.

Supreme Court Supreme God - As high and powerful as the SCOTUS is,
our Supreme God is higher.

Lessons from Ruth - There are some important lessons we can learn
from the story in the book of Ruth.

Small Churches Offer - Many are looking for the mega-church but there
are some real ways the small church can offer what the big ones can't.

How to know a man - Father's Day sermon on what a "real" man
of God is like.

Look, there is God - We must be able to see God with our faith.

Walking on Water - There are some important lessons to learn
from the example of Jesus and Peter on the water.

Negative Preaching - Some object to any sermon that is negative
in nature.

Foolishness of God - Many feel that the commands of God  don't make
sense. They seem to be foolish. But we must obey. Period.

Soul, Spirit, Body1 - This is a two part study of these words. Part 1
studies the word Soul in the New Testament.

Soul, Spirit, Body2 - This is part two, a study of the spirit of man
and the body.

True Confessions - What is involved in the confession of our
faith before baptism?

Odds Against Gambling - This lesson looks at the issue of the
addition of gambling.

Jesus last sermon - We know about the sermon on the mount. But we
seldom study Jesus last sermon in Matthew 23.

I Love You - Why do have a hard time expressing our love for each
other? Here are some reasons.

Make Christianity Attractive - We are not talking about deceit or fraud.
But we must present Christianity is a positive light.

Distracted Driving - Martha was distracted from the important things,
while Mary was focused on Jesus.

Politically Correct - Jesus and the apostles were not politically
correct as today's world demands.

The Last Supper - Not the meal before His death on the cross, but
the meal in Revelation 19.

Is the end near? - Many see signs that the end of the world is near.
Are there any signs? Are we near the end?

How you look at it - How we look at things will determine our attitude
toward what is happening to us and around us.

Age of Accountability - At what age should a child be ready for baptism?
How do you measure when they are ready?

Baseball and Salvation - This is a simple sermon that shows the
plan of salvation as running the bases.

Easter: Fact & Fiction - What should our attitude be toward the
celebration of Easter?

What is your Authority? - Where do we look for the authority in
all that we do as Christians?

Lost Bible - Many have a Bible but it is lost in their study of it. Look
at what happened in the OT when the Bible was lost.

In the Name - This phrase is found many times in the NT. What does
it mean? Is it a phrase that must be spoken?

Contract to Kill - When you become a Christian as you begin a new
life you must also put out a contract to kill the old life.

11 Prayer Suggestions - This sermon offers some very practical
thoughts about our prayer life.

Set Your Heart - Our focus is often drawn away from heaven and
spiritual things to material things here on earth.

Open Conversion - The man from Ethiopia is an example of an open
case of conversion.

Who Writes the Rules? - Sometimes we expect (or demand) that others
follow our rules. Study what the Bible says.

How to Get the Glory Back - How do you get "normal" back after you
have been away from God? Repent is easy. Getting the glory and joy
back is more difficult.

After the Crisis - How do you get back up after you have been through
an ordeal? How did Jesus recover after his crisis?

Communion Countdown - What do you think about as you partake of
communion? How do you remember Jesus?

The Main Thing - Some don't want to obey the commands of the NT so
they try to find a main idea and as as long as the "main thing" is done the
specifics don't matter.

Continue in Faith - This sermon is a word study of the primary words in
Colossians 1:23.

Things Baptism will not do - Some expect baptism to make all their
problems and temptations go away. Here are some things that baptism
will not do.

He is Head - Jesus is the head of the church.

Not so Negative - Many see the gospel message as a strong negative
one. Gospel is good news and has many positive points to make.

Learn to Wait - Patience is not easy to learn or practice.

Delivered - We have been delivered. Not like a FedEx package. But in
the sense of freed, released, set free.

Bushel Basket Complex - Why do many hide their light rather than let it

How Noah was Saved - The Bible tells us how Noah was saved. Our salvation
comes in the same way as Noah.

Saints and Brethren - What is the difference in being a saint and being
a faithful brother? Are there saints that are not faithful?