Sermons - 2013

Here are the sermons I have preached in 2013.

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If Jesus were on Facebook - Here are some thoughts about Jesus in our world.

State of the Church - I take a look at the church in the world, USA, and the local congregation.

Strange Packages Under the Tree - God gives us some gifts that would be difficult to wrap.

Jesus Sweat Blood - Under extreme stress humans can sweat blood.

Tough Choices - Following Jesus requires that we make some difficult choices.

Life is not Fair - We often complain that life is not fair. But is it fair how we treat God?

Honey in the Lion - Samson found honey in a dead lion. What are the lessons we can learn?

Confession of Sin - All the questions on this topic are answered here.

Remain Faithful - After baptism, we must continue in the faith.

The Valley of Trouble - Lessons we need to learn from the sin of Achan.

Live on the 4th Level - Gratitude comes in different level or stages. We must learn to live on the 4th level.

Remember Lot's Wife - There are some important lessons that we need to learn from Lot's wife.

Why Pray for the Sick? - Just because miracles done by men have ceased does not mean that God has stopped hearing
and answering our prayers.

Lying in the Bible - Did God approve, condone or even bless Abaraham when he lied?

Your Prayer Might be Answered - When we set your heart on doing wrong, God may just answer us according to what we

When Baptism is not Baptism - Many use the word baptism for things that are not baptism in the New Testament.

Twisting the Scriptures - Many twist and torture the text of the Bible attempting to make it say something different.

Spiritual Famine - There are more Bibles available to us, but there is less study, knowledge and understanding.

Time is Fun - On of the frog sermons about the importance and use of our time.

Doctrine Includes Morals - We must teach pure, sound doctrine. That includes the teaching of moral values.

Why bad things happen - Many blame God. There are some real reasons that bad things happen to us.

When Converted - Many are baptized but not fully converted. Peter is one who needed to be converted.

The Preacher and the Pew - There must be a connection between the pulpit and the members in the pew.

2 Inches off the Ham - It is too easy for our customs to become locked down as if they were a command from God.

Good Soldiers - Every Christian is in the Lord's army. The issue is - are you a good soldier?

On Being 70 - Age is a number. God can use people of any age (young or old) to work in the kingdom.

Words About Widows - There are some requirements to be met before a widow can receive support from the church.

Tear Down Walls - There are some walls that need to be torn down.

Is Sin Bad? - We want to make sin less than it really is.

Some Shall Depart - The Bible is clear that some will depart from the faith in morals and doctrine.

Public Prayer - There are some rules (suggestions) that apply to leading prayer in public that are not needed in private prayer.

More Holiness Give Me - This sermon looks at 25 attributes mentioned in this song.

Blessed are the Not Offended - Jesus was not politically correct in how he spoke.

Pray for Government - Even if the government is corrupt, evil and immoral, we are to pray for those in power.

Look for Loopholes - People are not willing to obey the commands of God. They want to find an escape clause.

Shipwrecked Faith - Many today are heading for the rocks and will wreck their faith.

Pure Religion - This sermon is a word study of James 1:27.

Baptism Chart - This sermon has many scriptures that cover the major questions about baptism.

What did you bring to worship? - Worship can not be accidental. We must be prepared to worship God.

5 States of Jesus - What was Jesus doing before He came to earth, and what is He doing now?

Are we Campbellites? - We have often been accused of having Alexander Campbell as the one who started the churches of Christ.

We are at war - The Bible often reminds us that there is a real battle between good and evil, right and wrong, Christians vs. Satan.

2 churches of Christ - In recent years there has developed a new branch among the churches of Christ. This sermon looks at some of
the differences.

Model Father - This is a sermon for Father's Day.

Marital Situations - There are many complex issues involved in trying to understand the teaching on divorce and remarriage. This
lesson seeks to just cover the basics.

Take along some honey - We need to add some kindness and some honey to our lives and how we treat others.

Strange Christians - Christians are strange, different, odd as the world looks at us.

Rahab in Rehab - Rahab was saved by her faith in God. We still refer to her as the harlot, but that was the past.

Discipline Followup - After an extended study on the subject of church discipline, this sermon looks at a couple of extra matters.

Double Mindedness - Many have trouble making up their mind. God wants us to make clear decisions - not doubt.

Just Like Mom - Mother's Day sermon. Some attributes of a mother are also attributes of God.

Forget the Past - We must learn to let go of the past mistakes and sin in our life. God forgives. We must let go.

How to Repent - Most agree that repentance is commanded in the NT. But many do not know HOW to repent.

Much Work Undone - God asks that we do ALL that He has required of us. Don't leave some things undone.

Be With Christ - Will Paul skip the judgment and go straight into heaven? What does this passage teach?

Zeal - Zeal can be dangerous. Jehu had zeal but it was in the wrong direction.

The Egg Hunt - Christians must be on a constant hunt (search) for the will of God.

Sin of Partiality - Prejudice is everywhere. Racial, social, class and many other forms are visible today.

Defend the Gospel - Religion, the Bible, and the Gospel of Christ are under attack. We must defend the message from God.

Faith in Faith - This sermon was originally titled See the Invisible. It looks at the source or foundation of our faith.

Hand Clapping in Worship - There is a growing trend of applause during a worship. Is this approved by God?

Building the Home - An 8-lesson series on marriage. These sermons use the analogy of building a house to building a home. Here is
the link to all the outlines, PP files or to view a PP lesson.

I am a Thumb - Everyone needs to find their place of service in the body of Christ.

Music Issues - there are many attempts to justify the use of instrumental music in worship.

The Gospel in 5 Seconds - This sermon looks at the 5 "seconds" connected with the gospel of Christ.

Christians in all churches? - This question is often asked. We must answer by defining the words.

The People's Choice - Israel had to choose. It is important that we think about the consequences before we decide.

The Rapture - There is a lot of confusion about the claims that Christ will "rapture" away the saints.

Courage to Lead - Leader must learn the lesson of courage from God's instructions to Joshua.

Go Back, Stop, Go Forward - Those are the choices of Israel at the Red Sea. They are our choices at decision time.

Recreational Drinking - Often called social drinking.

My Baptism - Let me tell you what I did. Did it follow the examples in the book of Acts?

Count It All Joy - Trouble happens. How can we count it as joy?

Before Creation - What was God doing all that time before He created the world?