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TITLE: What About Moral Values?

TEXT: I Timothy 1:8-11

PROPOSITION: Doctrine includes moral values.


KEY WORD: Threats



          1. Many are saying, "Can't legislate morals."

          2. Attempt to let everyone "do their own thing."

          3. Doctrine is important to God.

          4. Doctrine includes moral values and decisions.

          5. Immorality comes from three threats.

1. The Immoral People               (9)

          A. Lawless - not subject to law

          B. Disobedient - military, not willing to submit

          C. Ungodly - irreverent, not fear God

          D. Sinners - one who falls short, misses the mark

          E. Unholy - right by divine character

          F. Profane -

2. The Immoral Choices             (9-10)

          A. Murderers

                    1. Slaying of parents - thrasher of parents

                    2. Manslayers - taker of life, murderer

          B. Whoremongers - to sell, prostitute

                    1. defile with mankind - homosexual, sodomite

          C. Menstealers - enslave, bind, (rape, not kidnap)

          D. Liars - perjured persons

          E. "And such like"  "Any other thing"

3. Immoral Doctrine                   (10b)

          A. Sound = healthy, wholesome, pure

          B. Doctrine = teaching, the thing taught


          1. We often think of doctrine as separate from morals.

          2. NOT TRUE! Pure teaching includes MORAL VALUES.

          3. We must be pure in our teaching.

          4. By the teaching of our mouth and our example

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