Sermons - 2009

Here are the sermons I have preached in 2009.

Current or newest sermons are added to the top of this page.

The Trinity - One of the most difficult to understand teachings in
in Bible is the nature of the Godhead.
Why Do Some Quit? - Every church has some members who fall
away and return to the world. Why? Here are some reasons.
Paul's Farewell Address - Paul had some final words for the elders
at Ephesus. They summarize my final message for the work in
Priceville, AL.
If This were My Last Sermon - What would you say if you knew this
might be your last chance to talk to family or friends?
The Time Has Come - Transition is a time to renew, redirect our
thinking, and refresh our attitudes.

The Importance of the Resurrection - The resurrection of Christ is the
core, heart, center of New Testament Christianity. Deny the resurrection
and Christianity has now value to the world.
Grasshopper Complex - Israel felt like helpless grasshoppers. Some
of us also have these feelings. Why?
Their Rock is not Our Rock - We look to different sources of authority,
different approach to the Bible, and look at the religious world from a
different perspective. Many are following the wrong rock.
Centipedes and the Frog - Sometimes we try to analyze things too
much and we suffer from "paralysis thought analysis."
Get the Glory Back - For many years the Ark of the Covenant was
in the hands of the Philistines. Now the Ark was back. But the glory
of the former days was still missing.
1 Generation Away - The church is always only one generation away
from apostasy. There are matters that must be preached to every
generation to keep the church alive and well.
Christ's Prayer - We often think of the "Lord's Prayer" but this sermon
looks at the prayer of Jesus in John 17.
Big Shoes to Fill - Changing preachers is always a challenge. This
sermon looks at how ministers may differ but do the same work.
Retirement - Retirement is like a second graduation. It is the end of one
phase of life and the commencement of another phase of life.
Heaven would be Hell - Many believe that all will be saved in heaven. I
believe that for many, heaven would be a place of punishment.
Who's Who in Hell - John gives us a brief glimpse into who will be at the
top of the list of those in Hell.
When to Divorce - Divorce is common in our time. There is a time to
get a divorce. The time to divorce is BEFORE the marriage.
So I Left It Out - When we try to be politically correct and preach so that
no one is offended - we have little to offer. Some will be offended at the
gospel because truth hurts sometimes.