Sermons - 2007

Here are the sermons for 2007. Last updated December 31, 2007

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10 Predictions for 2008 - Many try to guess and predict what will happen in the coming year.
This sermon looks at some things you can count on 2008.
Does God have a plan for my life? - This sermon looks at two important issues -
Predestination and Providence. How much does God guide, direct, or control my life?
The Trinity - This is a chart sermon (painted on a sheet). Here is the outline, and a photo of
the chart that goes with this simple approach to a complicated topic.
Get Her For Me - Samson wanted what he saw. He told his parents to "get her for me." This
lesson looks at what the requirements are for a marriage.
For the Man who has Everything - At Christmas time we often try to figure out what to gift we can
give to a man who has everything he needs. This sermon offers some Biblical hints.
Who Am I in Christ? - We need to understand our relationship to Jesus. This sermon looks
at three important facts about who we are in Christ.
10 Questions about churches of Christ - This sermon is in two parts. The purpose is to examine
some of the questions people often ask me about churches of Christ.
10 Stupid Things We Do To Mess Up Our Lives - Series - This series takes a look at the
10 Commandments and how they apply, in principle, to Christians in the 21st Century.
Misconceptions about the 10 Commandments - In the confusion of our religious world there are
many mistaken notions about the 10 Commandments. We will try to clear up some of them.
Truths about the 10 Commandments - There are many facets to the 10 Commandments that we
often overlook. Here are some background truths about the OT code.
3 Frogs - Similar to the more common 3 monkeys with their hands over their ears, eyes and mouth.
They remind us to watch what we hear, see and say. Three principles to live by.
11th Commandment - We know about the 10 Commandments in the Old Testament. What about the
"new" commandment given by Jesus? How do we keep this command from our Lord?
Camel Soup - Jesus talked about some people in his time who "swallow camels". This sermon looks
at the hypocrisy of Jesus' day - and ours. Are you eating camel soup?
Colors of the Cross - There are some colors that represent and symbolize important facts about
the cross of Christ. This lesson looks at for colors of the cross.
4 Stages of Spiritual Life - Life has stages. Most of the stages are progressions that move from
a lower level to one more advances. Spiritual stages are the reverse. We went to stay in stage 1.
4 Stupid Things We Do - Have you noticed that we do some really stupid things? This sermon looks at
Abraham and Sarah and the stupid things they did.
Assembly Required - On the box it might say "Some Assembly Required." We have been guilty of trying
to assemble (make, design, shape) God to our thinking.
Love Thy Neighbor - Both OT and NT command us to love our neighbor as ourselves. The problem is -
many don't like themselves and their neighbor is in serious trouble.
I Need Worship - Worship and assembly together a command. But, also, I NEED to worship. Some things
done in worship are things that I need in my life.
5 Sins of Sodom - Sodom is often a reminder of the sin of homosexuality. However, there were other sins
 that resulted in the destruction of these cities. This sermon looks at the 5 sins that brought down Sodom.
Language of Ashdod - The world has used words in ways different from the Bible. I believe we need to call
Bible things by Bible names. We need to "speak as the oracles of God."
User Friendly Church - Like computer programs, churches need to be easy to get to know (visitor friendly).
This lesson looks as how we can be more user friendly.
Leanness of the Soul - We often get what we want only to learn we really did not want it after all.
God may grant our prayer request and give leanness to our soul.
Under the Circumstances - Many make excuses about their failure to obey God. This sermon looks
as some of the excuses that we offer for not becoming Christians.
What Happens After Death? - The Bible teaches us that our eternity is settled by how we live our
lives here on earth. This is a chart sermon which is preached in two parts.
Tomato Frog - His defense mechanism works - but too little, too late. Christians are to defend the
gospel of Christ. We, like the Tomato Frog, are often too little, too late.
Substitutes of Brass - Cheap imitations will not replace the real thing. Today, we keep trying to make
substitutions of the world for the real, genuine life God designed for us.
Remember Lot's Wife - We don't know her name. But we know much about what she did and why she
died. She perished because - - -.
Enoch Walked with God - Enoch is one of only two men who did not die. We can learn some important
lessons from this man of God.
Zacchaeus - Most of what we know about Zacchaeus is that he was short, climbed a tree and was a tax man.
There is more to this man that we can learn.
Jonah's Sins - We learned the story of Jonah and the great fish but we have not fully understood what Jonah
did that was wrong. What were the sins of Jonah? What can we learn from his example?
Micah - In the time of Judges - there was no king in Israel and everyone did what was right in their own eyes.
Micah is a classic example of making your own rules, living by your own standards, rather than by the will of God.
TRUE Story of David - This sermon looks at the part of this familiar story that we seldom notice or discuss.
There are some important lessons to learn from David and Goliath.
Mrs. Job - We often study about Job - his suffering and his patience. But what about his wife? We can
learn some important lessons about how she reacted to his suffering.
Guard Guide and Direct Us - We often pray for God to protect us but we had little idea how that happens.
This sermon looks at the Hebrew word "hased" which occurs 249 times in the Old Testament.
How to Use Problems - This life has its share of troubles. The issue is NOT how can we avoid trouble? The
question for us to discuss is: How can I use these problems for my good?
Cradle and Cross: Contrasted- There are some interesting contrasts and parallels in the birth of Jesus and
events at His death on the cross.
What Makes You So Special? - This sermon was preached on Mother's Day. Each of us has a mother that
was "special". How are we special in the eyes of God?
He Has - - -  - There are four things that God has already accomplished. This sermon looks at our Salvation
from as described in Colossians 2.
How to BOIL A Frog - Another of the "frog" sermons in my collection. This sermon looks at the issue of how
we adjust and get comfortable with our surroundings, even when there is danger. We soon got used to it
and think nothing about the dangers we face.
Tact - We must learn to speak the truth in love. Both are important. Sometimes we speak the truth and it
hurts others. We can speak the truth and do great harm.
What about Praise Teams? - A growing trend is to have a team of 4 to 8 singers with microphones leading the
worship. What does the New Testament teach about worship? Are praise teams acceptable?

Communion - An important part of our worship is when we gather at the Lord's Table and remember the
sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.
Practice Giving - As we study giving, we must learn the basics -What, When, Why, How, and How Not to give.
Giving is the most genuine part of our worship. When it comes to our money, we think about what we are doing.
What we MUST Know - How much must we know and understand before becoming a Christian? There are a few
things we must know. There is much yet to learn as you grow and study the Bible.
Woman's Role in Worship - Today there is a lot of discussion about the role of women in ministry, leadership and other
positions of teaching and service. What does the NT teach about the role of women in worship?
Worship Introduction - Often visitors do not understand what we do in worship or why we do things as we do. This
sermon will help explain and illustrate what we do and why.
Those Folks Don't Have a Piano - The first thing that many notice when entering the church building of a congregation of
the churches of Christ is - no piano. Why? Can't we afford one? This sermon looks at the issue of music in worship.
Jesus' Resurrection (3 of3) - Many have tried to explain away the resurrection. Some have tried to prove that Jesus was
never raised from the dead.
Jesus' Life and Teaching (2 of 3) - The second sermon looks at the life, example and teaching of Jesus.
Can the Church Grow? - Is there a secret to church growth? What are the basic principles of church growth?
5 R's of Repentance - There are many who do not understand the word "Repent" in the New Testament.
This sermon examines five components to Repentance and how each is illustrated in the Prodigal Son.
NO OTHER NAME - Who is Jesus? (1 of 3) - This lesson looks at the evidence in the existence of Jesus. We must
know who Jesus is, that he really lived, died and was raised again.
The Wrath of God - We often think about the Love, Kindness, and Compassion of God. But the Bible also tells us
 there is another side to God. He is a God that is jealous, angry, filled with wrath. Why is God so angry?
Why was the Rich Man Lost? - Luke 16 tells about a Rich Man who died and went to Hades. This sermon looks at
the reasons contained in the passage that explain why this man was lost.
False Authority - Each decision we make is based on what information we believe to be correct. If our source of authority
is wrong - our decision will lead us the wrong direction.
Spoken About Faith - Your faith can not remain a secret. It must be seen, observed, mentioned, and talked about.
The Christians at Rome had a faith that was talked about in other parts of the world.
Convenience or Conviction? - We often look for the easy way out. What is the least problem, easiest, painless
way to serve God? We are often willing to serve - IF it does not require any effort on our part.
What is a Saint? - What or who can be saints? Can I be a saint? How do I get to be a saint? There is a great
difference between how the New Testament uses this word and how it is use today.
Cooked in the Squat - Many churches are on the verge of growth. They are ready to spring up but
just never get off the ground.
Keeping Resolutions - Most resolutions fail and are forgotten within a month or two. How can we be
a people who keep our promises? Why do most resolutions fail?