Sermons - 2014

Here are the sermons I have preached in 2014.

Current or newest sermons are added to the top of this page.

At Your Word - Some commands in the Bible don't make any sense. Why
should I obey a command that is not logical?

When you fall away - More happens when one falls away than you
might expect. It impacts many other people.

Give to Yourself - What to give for Christmas is always a struggle. Here
are some things you can give to yourself.

Wait for the Dead - Many expect God to do things contrary to what He
said in the the Bible. They are waiting for the dead to come home.

Life tumbles In - Learn some important lessons from David about how
he dealt with the low times in life.

The Junk Drawer - Most homes have a junk drawer with all kinds of
useless, old, broker, dried out stuff. We need to clean out the junk
drawer of our life.

Zombies are Real - Zombies are said to be the "living dead." Dead but
still in some sense alive. There are many references to these people
in the New Testament.

I am Outstanding - This an the latest of my "frog" sermons. We must learn
to like who we are and forgive ourselves.

Graceful Thanksgiving - This Thanksgiving sermon studies the Greek
word for grace, thanks and several other uses.

Why Not? - Why couldn't the 3 men just bow down to the image instead
of facing the fiery furnace? Not mean it - just outwardly bow down.

Good to be Here - A study of the Transfiguration NOTE: No outline
is available for this study.

Good Advice - Study 1 Corinthians 15:58 and you will have some
very good advice.

Withdraw Thyself - There are some people and situations that we should
not be around or be connected with.

3 Responses - Every person who hears a sermon will respond in one
of three ways.

Unequal Yoke - Many misunderstand what this verse is talking about, how
it applies to our lives and what it means for us.

Doom and Gloom - News is depressing. Our world is getting to be a very
frightening place. How do we overcome the doom and gloom around us?

1000 year reign - Many don't understand how we missed the teaching of the NT
about the 1,000 year reign of Christ.

Why Some Don't Sing - Study the words of the song, "Come, We That Love
The Lord."

When We Disagree - We will disagree. When that happens, how should we
deal with the the person with which we disagree?

Why We Sing - Without Instruments - Many ask about this issue. Here is a simple
discussion of the Bible and history of music in worship.

3 Philosophies - The parable of the Good Samaritan teaches us much about
how we live our life.

Word Study - To study the Bible we must understand the use and meaning
of the words we are reading.

Young Earth - How old is the earth? Is there evidence of a young earth?

Spiritual Senses - We need physical exercise. We also need to exercise
our spiritual senses.

Fellowship Everyone? - Are we arrogant or do we live by our convicitons?

Proper Uses of the Tongue - We often talk about how the tongue is used
in evil ways. But the tongue has some very useful purposes.

Where is the joy? - Why are some Christians so miserable? What
has happened to the joy of our salvation?

Where are you? - God knows where you are. Do you?

They Tried - There were many attempts to stop or prevent Jesus
from being our savior. They all failed.

Learn from Tragedy - Tragedies will happen in our world. The question
is - What can we learn from them?

Unfinished Work of Jesus - What has Jesus been doing since he went
back to heaven?

Able Men - God is looking for men who are able to do His work.

Why we give up - The book of Hebrews shows us many reasons that
some give up their faith.

Walk in the light - Fellowship with God requires that we keep walking
in the light of truth.

First and Foremost - God demands FIRST place in our priority.

Who Killed Jesus? - There is a lot of controversy about who killed Jesus.
This sermon looks at the long list.

Abraham's Altars - Everywhere Abraham moved, he built an altar and spent
time in the worship of God.

Work of the church - This is part one of two looking at the work of the church
and the growth of parachurch organizations.

Parachurch Organizations - There are many organizations that seek funds from
churches but are not under any eldership. They want the money but not the
oversight or control.

Worship in the early church - What would it be like to go back to an assembly
of the early church?

Blessed Assurance - We sing the song but many do not believe the
message of that hymn.

Father's Day: Andy Griffith - Fathers can learn some important lessons
from the TV dad.

Lost Bible Found - Many have lost their Bible by neglect. How can we
find the lost Bible and what will happen when we do?

Command to Repent - Most think to repent just means that I regret
the sin in my life. There is more involved than regret.

Its My Party - This old song expresses the idea that I can do what
I want to.

Handle with Care - We must have genuine care and concern for
the souls of the lost and our brethren.

Key to Happiness - Happiness seems to elude many today. They
fail to understand where true happiness is found.

Abimelech - The son of Gideon can teach us some very
important lessons.

Wrong is Wrong - Many accept situation ethics, but wrong is
always wrong.

I Can Do All Things - Are there some limitations to my power as a
Christian? Am I Superman?

Godly Mothers - This is a Mother's Day sermon.

Because we were Baptized - There is more involved in baptism than
the initial burial in water.

Gold and Silver - Some think that having gold or silver will solve
all their problems. Peter had a different idea.

Everyday Religion - Faith is more than 1 hour on Sunday. It is what
we do every day.

Who's Who in Hell - John gives a list of those who will be in hell.

Recommend Religion - We can recommend a hair dresser. Why can't
we recommend our faith?

It's About Time - Don't you think it is time to stand up for what we
claim? It is time to start practicing what we preach.

Burdens - What should we do with the burdens of this life? There are
three answers to this question.

Lessons from Job - There are some very important lessons we must
learn from a simple statement in Job.

Wounded Warrior - Are you a wounded warrior for Jesus Christ?
Here is how to deal with being a wounded warrior.

Frog on Post - How does a frog get on top of a fence post? How do
we accomplish what many think is not possible?

7 Bible Paradoxes - There are some statements that seem to be an
impossible contradiction - but they are true.

The End - These words are used in several ways in the New Testament.

99 Sheep - Another look at the parable of the lost sheep.

Words Common Special - God often took common words and gave them special
emphasis or meaning for the church.

Church in Wilderness - How did the church survive the intense persecution?

Nicolaitans - Who are they? Why did Jesus hate their deeds? Are they still around?

Saved by Grace - Were the Christians at Ephesus saved by grace?

Soldier, Athlete, Farmer - Paul compares the work of the Christian to these jobs.

$3 of God, Please - We want the comfort of religion but don't want it to cost us
anything. We want the promise but not the work.

Babylon - This sermon looks at the three Babylons in the Bible.

Why Work? - Boring, stuck in a dead end job, no future. Why do we keep working?

Numerology - Many use their spiritual calculators and play with the numbers in
the book of Revelation and Daniel.

Types of Worship - Not all worship is acceptable to God. We must be sure that our
worship is in spirit and truth.

Lion of Judah - John describes the opening scene in Revelation. The Lion is the Lamb.

Unproductive Worry - Why do we worry? Does it do any good? Jesus teaches us
that all worry is unproductive.

First Things First - Sometimes we do things in the wrong order. We get our priorities
out of order.

How to Get Back on Track - We can get off course. Jesus tells us how to get back.

Why are they lost? - Many don't believe that the world is lost.

Letter to Cades - Jesus wrote to 7 churches. What if Jesus wrote a letter to us?

Amazing Grace - The grace of God is really an amazing thing.

New Song - John teaches us the new song the redeemed will sing in heaven.

Sainthood - Here are some thoughts about Jesus in our world.