Sermons - 2006

In February of 2006 I moved to begin work with the Priceville Church of Christ, in Decatur, Alabama.

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A NEW Year - Tomorrow will be a NEW year. What does that mean? This sermon looks at the words for "NEW"
in our New Testament. What is the NEW - birth, testament, covenant, man, heaven - all about? Are they BRAND new?
Christmas Fact and Fiction - There is much confusion about the observance and even the basic facts about the birth
of Christ. This is a story in the Bible that needs our attention and more study.
Three Things Needed - Most presents are not things we NEED, but want. This sermon looks at three things we
REALLY need.
Frogger (the video game) - In this early video game you had to help a frog cross a busy street without getting run over,
or jump from log to log to cross a river. There are many obstacles in our lives. We need help to cross the street.
Good Old Days - In some ways we wish for the "good old days" and in other ways, we would not want to go back
to those days of more physical work and less modern equipment.
The Lord's Day (2) - What is the purpose of Christians meeting together each Sunday? There are several important
purposes for assembling together each Lord's Day.
Are We the ONLY Ones? - Sometimes we leave the impression of being arrogant and "self-righteous." As we look
as several important doctrines - Are we the only ones who believe and practice it correctly?
The Lord's Day (1) - The significance and doctrinal importance of the Lord's Day.
Salvation Work Out - What does it mean to "work out" your salvation? How do we do that?
Fellowship: Blessings and Rewards - What are the blessings to our fellowship with God and with each other?
5 Kernels of Corn - Thanksgiving Sermon - Can you count five things you are thankful for? The song says, "Count
your many blessings, name them one by one." Here are five blessings you can count.
There is No Backup - For many things in life we have a backup, a plan B. If our original plan fails, we just move to
Plan B. For many important things in life - There is no backup. There is not alternate plan.
Job Series - Here are four sermons "How to Handle Tough Times" from the book of Job.
Is GOOD Enough? - I am a good person. Why do I need to be baptized? Study Cornelius and learn about a good
moral man who still needed to obey the command of God to be baptized.
Salvation by Faith - There is much confusion about how we are saved by faith. Does faith include obedient works?
Is baptism included in obedient faith?
Live Like you Were Dying - What if you had 6 months to live? What would you change about your life?
The Need for Bible Study - Why have Wednesday night Bible study? Do I need to study the Bible daily? Why is Bible study important?
The 2nd Sin - This sermon looks at the second sin of Adam and Eve - immodesty. How does God define "immodest" dress?
Facts about Heaven For man heaven is a mystery because our finite mind can not comprehend the infinite.
Worship at Home Can one worship at home and not participate in the worship with a local congregation?
Social Drinking Is is OK to drink wine at home? Does the location make it better?
Individual Responsibility Each individual must be accountable to God.
Why Study Revelation? Revelation is an important book to study. It helps us to deal with the struggles of living in a wicked world.
Life Cycles of a Church Churches, like other organizations, go through stages or cycles.
Blessed Assurance We sing the song, but don't always believe it. We can KNOW that we have eternal life.
Four Eyed Frog There are some valuable lessons to learn from the 4-Eyed Frog from Chile.
The Danger of Anger Anger must be understood, managed and controlled.
How Important is the Church? Some think - Jesus, Yes; the church, No. You can not separate the body of Christ from Christ.
Darkest Before Dawn Depression is a darkness that many Christians struggle with.
Ingredients for Church Growth What will it take for a church to grow?
6 Kinds of Commands We must understand the different kinds of commands in the New Testament.
Blood of Christ What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. Baptism is the "when" of our salvation; the blood of Christ
is the "what".
Confident Salvation #5 in a series - Can we be confident of our salvation? Can I know for sure?
Lessons from the life of Solomon Solomon was a wise man, but some tragic mistakes are lessons for us to learn.
God Cares #4 in a series - God is involved in our lives through providence.
Don't Be A Jonah Jonah tried to run away from God.
Bible is from God #3 in a series - We can know that the Bible is the Word of God.
Footsteps of Jesus We can follow the footsteps of Jesus.
Jesus is the Son of God #2 in a series - There is clear evidence that Jesus is the Son of God.
Freedom is not Free Religious freedom that we enjoy came at a high price.
God Exists #1 in a series - "By this we know - -" We can have knowledge that God exits.
They Tried but They Could not do it Many have tried to prevent Jesus from accomplishing his mission. None succeeded.
Religious, but not Righteous There is a difference in being religious and being righteous.
5 P's of Patering Fathers Day sermon
Victory over Worry How can I overcome worry in my life?
The Invitation Why do we have an invitation at the end of each worship service?
DaVinci Code (2) How can we used the current topic to teach the truth?
DaVinci Code (1) What is wrong with the book and movie?
Golf Lessons Lessons I learned as I learned how to play golf.
Dangers of Summertime As summer approaches, we must be alert to the dangers ahead.
The Beginning Corner To survey property you must have a beginning corner. This is a chart sermon.
Damaged Words The world has stolen many good words and changed their usage.
Successful Momming Mother's Day sermon
99 Sheep Jesus left the 99 sheep in the wilderness to look for a lost one.
3 Points about the Judgment Simple lesson about the coming day of judgment.
My Church I don't own it or control it. But it is "my church" like a football team is "my team."
Don't Order Vanilla - Service #3 in a series - Our work and service for God must be our best, above average.
Junk Yards God has rescued us and recycled us from the junk yard of life.
Don't Order Vanilla - Worship #2 in a series - Worship should be more than just average, run of the mill.
Oxymoron There are several oxymorons in the Bible.
Don't Order Vanilla - Prayers #1 in a series - Don't settle for average, mundane, vanilla prayers.
Rainbow Reminders What is the real reason for the rainbow? Who was it for?
Everybody Says It - Nobody Believes It Some statement are repeated so often they are accepted as true, when they are really false.
Jesus' Unfinished Work What has Jesus been doing since returning to heaven?
Never in Heaven Heaven will never have a light switch, hospital, or cemetery.
Satan's Toolkit How does Satan trick us? What are some of his tools?
Why are we divorcing when we don't believe in it? The title says it all.
How to Kiss a Frog This is the beginning of a frog collection and a dozen sermons about Frogs.
Preaching Christ What is included in preaching Christ?
The Tater Family The tater family is not welcome in this church.
Fail the Faith Test When our faith is tested - will be pass or fail?
Any Old Bush God can use "any old bush" to do His work.
Path to Forgiveness How can I forgive others? How can I forgive myself?
Headed for Heaven Why are we not anxious to go to heaven? Someday, but not now.