Sermons - 2005

Last updated – August 1, 2005

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 Read the Clouds

Should Christians seek the advice of psychics, astrology, horoscopes, and other things connected with the world of wizards and sorcery? This sermon looks at the list of things prohibited. Then we discover the real reason these things are banned and looked upon as an abomination.


What is gossip? Why is this such a harmful and dangerous sin for Christians? Is there a difference in hurtful gossip and genuine concern for a fellow Christian?

 Are We Singing Error?

Is it possible to sing words that teach or imply doctrinal error? Is there a difference between error, inaccuracy and poetic license? 

 Members of One Another

 Christians were not made to function in isolation. We are all members of a body. We must work, worship, and grow together.

 Do I Have to Sing?

Most sermons seem to focus on what is wrong and what should NOT be done. This sermon looks at the reasons we sing. There are several good reasons we OUGHT to sing.

 The BIG 3

 Ezekiel 14:14 is an interesting passage that mentions Noah, Daniel, and Job. What can we learn from this verse?

 How to Kill a Church

 Some congregations are dying. Why? What happens to churches that seem to disappear? IF one wanted to kill a church, what would they need to do?

 Christians and Elections

 Should Christians vote? Should we run for office? Should the church be involved in politics? A new president has just begun a new term. How can Christians respond?

Christians and Elections

 Proper Uses of the Tongue

 The tongue can do great good if it is used and controlled as the Bible commands. Most sermons look at the evil use of the tongue and fail to see the wonderful things it can do.

 Wrong Uses of the Tongue

 Part 2 – This lesson lists some of the dangers and improper uses of the tongue. The tongue can bless or curse. We must learn to bridle and control the tongue.

 Abuses of Grace

 Grace is a wonderful gift from God. When properly understood and accepted it means our salvation. However, the grace of God can be abused and misused.

 The Main Thing (Priorities)

 What is important to you? What is FIRST in your life? In our busy lives, we get our priorities all confused. Where do spend much of your time, effort and money?

 Who Needs Mercy?

 If we have God's Grace, why do we need mercy? What is mercy? How does it help me?

 Children with Character

 This sermon offers 10 Tips on how to raise our children to have moral character. We must instill in them a sense of right and wrong and the character to do what is right.

Why are we Losing our Young People?

Many churches have noticed a 50% loss of young people when they go to college or are on their own.

Are you Self-Righteous?

Many are turned off by an arrogant, self-righteous attitude. “Holier-than-thou” is a phrase we used to describe spiritual snobbery.

How Old is the Earth?

Is the earth a few thousand years old or millions or perhaps a billion years old? Evolution needs time. If the earth is young (less than 1 million) then evolution fails to have enough time.

What about the Rapture?

There are many confusing and conflicting views on the issues about the last days before the end of the world. What does the Bible teach about the rapture and other parts of the confusing teaching called Premillennialism?

Must I go to my Brother first?

Jesus tells us that when there is a personal dispute, we should go to the brother first. Are there times when this is not best?


Jesus promised us a mansion. That word brings different pictures to the minds of different people. What will your mansion look like? Will it be what you anticipate?

Path to Forgiveness

Forgiveness is easy to understand when we want forgiveness from God. It is very difficult to practice and understand when others ask us for forgiveness. What is forgiveness? Do we have the willingness to forgive others?

Homosexual Agenda

What are the goals of those pushing the homosexual agenda? Who are the major groups seeking to advance the homosexual cause? What are their plans? Do they have an agenda?

Slave or Volunteer?

Why is it often difficult to get people to participate in the work of the church? Some believe that “church” is an organization to which we volunteer. Therefore, you can't MAKE me do anything. If you pressure me (make me a slave) I will just run away. Are we slaves or volunteers?

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage Theories

The statement of Jesus in not the problem. The problem is – because divorce has become so widespread and touched so many families, many are seeking a “loophole” to explain away the command of Jesus in Matthew 19:9 and Matthew 5:32. this sermon looks at 25 “theories” that have been dreamed up trying to avoid the teaching of these verses.

Are We a Christian Nation?

The word “Christian” is used in a variety of ways. The answer to the title question depends on how the word is used. This sermon looks at how this word is used (and abused) in everyday usage.

Meaning of Words

Most Bible discussions come down to the meaning of a words. What does this word mean? English? Hebrew? Greek? What did it mean when Jesus spoke it? What does it mean today?

Acres of Diamonds

We become restless and go off looking for fame, fortune and success. We often look in all the wrong places or we don't recognize what we are looking for when we are confronted with it.

The Virgin Birth

One of the miracles of the Bible that men have tried to deny is the virgin birth of Jesus. Skeptics have tried to deny, explain away, and reject the clear teaching of the Bible.

Context: Don't Study Without It

A study of the Bible is not possible without noticing the context of the passage being studied. This sermon will look at some examples of how context has an effect on how we understand the Bible.


Challenges to Accept

We begin a short series of five (5) sermons looking at what it will take for the church to move forward. There are challenges that must be accepted if we are to move forward as a congregation.

Elephant in the Living Room

Ignore it and it will go away,” is a common error in thinking. The church, leaders, families and individuals do it often. This sermon looks at some ways we try to ignore the problems that should be dealt with.

Mothers and Bread

This sermon deals with the need to be grateful to our mothers (and to God) for the basic needs of life.


Enemies to Defeat

As the church seeks to grow and move forward, there are enemies that seek to hold us back. These enemies must be defeated for the church to keep moving forward.


Dangers to Avoid

Progress always includes some dangers. False doctrine and division are two ever-present dangers to a growing church.

What Have We Really Learned?

This sermon is to honor our graduates from High School and College. School is more than books and tests. There are lessons for life.


Opportunities to Take

The opportunity to help the church move forward are before us. We have a problem recognizing them when they come or we delay taking them until they are gone.

How to Handle Tough Times
(1 of 4)

This the first of a 4-part study from Job. Job was facing horrible circumstances in life. Here is what happened and how he handled it.


Attitudes to Have

In the final lesson, our attitude will determine our altitude. How can we have the proper attitude so the church can move forward?

Things Job Lost
(2 of 4)

When we are facing tough times we often focus on what we lost, rather than what we have going for us. This sermon looks as what Job lost – but kept his faith.

Things Job Never Lost
(3 of 4)

In all of the turmoil and tough times that Job had to deal with in his life, there are some things that he held and kept. These are the things that helped him get through the crisis and survive the tough times.

Is Love Enough?

Most marry because they love each other. But people who love each other divorce. Love is an important part of marriage, but more than love is involved.

Lessons from Job (4 of 4) Job can teach us how to deal with the tough times in our lives. Lessons about how to keep our faith while learning that problems will come our way are important.

Keep Your Fork

After the meal and dishes are removed, we keep our fork, because the good stuff (dessert) is coming. When we are discouraged, we must remember that the good stuff, eternal life, heaven is yet ahead.

Demands of Convictions

How strong are your convictions? What if someone tries to get you to do things that violate your convictions? We must choose to follow our firmly set conviction over the demands of men.