Sermons - 2004

Last updated - December 20, 2004

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Fear, Hear, Obey

Following the rules is more that doing what God says. We must fear (show respect). Then we must hear (listen and understand). Only then are we ready to obey.

Are There Any Moral Absolutes?

Is every moral choice a gray issue? Are there any clearly right or clearly wrong behaviors? In our ages of relativism are there any moral absolutes? In a time of moral laxness, are there any absolutes? Is anything ALWAYS wrong? Is anything ALWAYS right? Why has the "gray area" grown to cover almost everything? Does God have any moral absolutes?

One Nation, Under God

The connection of God and our nation have been seriously eroded in recent years. Is America "under God"? What does the pledge mean when it says, "one nation, under God."? There is an assault on God and religion by some courts. Where will this removal of religion from everyday life end? If we are a "Christian" nation, why is crime on the rise and church attendance on the decline?

The State of our Unions

This sermon presents many statistics from an article in USA Today. What is the state our marriage unions in America today? The Power Point file is full of charts and graphs depicting the current state of marriage in America.

Outliving our Family

America is becoming more gray. We are living longer, healthier lives. How should we approach growing old? With dread and fear? With hope and anticipation?

Men are Computers; Women are cell phones

Men are computers, Women are cell phones. Men and women are different. We are wired differently. We think and react differently. Communication is vital in marriage and in life.

Jesus Prayed

Jesus often prayed at important points during His personal ministry. This sermon looks at 16 times Jesus prayed

Why is Submission so Scary?

Many preachers just avoid this Biblical teaching because of the rise of women’s rights. With the modern liberation of women, the idea of submission is thought of as outdated, out of touch, and no longer politically correct. What does the Bible say about the husband / wife relationship? Must the wife submit to the husband as if he were a dictator? Does God give men dictatorial power in the home?

The Cement is Mostly Sand

When the cement for a marriage is weak and crumbling, it will collapse from its own weight. The "glue" that will hold a marriage together is love. This sermon looks at the definition of love from 1 Corinthians 13.

The Trinity

One of the most difficult teachings of the Bible  is the doctrine of the trinity. This "chart" sermon proves that there are 3 persons who are called "God" and that each is separate and distinct from each of the others.

How BIG is your Family?

The family is more than “maw, paw, and the kids.” We are all the offspring of God. In that sense, we are all family. But the Bible uses the word in several ways. This sermon looks that the family – nuclear, extended, community, world, and church. How big is your family?

Let's Get Excited

Some want religion to be ALL excitement. Others want religion to be ALL reason, study, logical. The truth is – we need both. We need to study, reason, be logical as we seek to understand the will of God. Then we need to get excited. The purpose of this sermon is to show that enthusiasm has an important place in our faith.

Successful Momming

Mother's Day - What does it take to be successful as a mother in today's world? This sermon takes a fresh look at Proverbs 22:6 and how it is misunderstood or misapplied. Does this verse promise success? How am I to "train up a child" and what is "the way he should go"?

Our Mission

Jesus left 11 apostles with a great mission. In order for them to accomplish the challenge before them, they needed a passion for the task. They also needed a plan and the power to get it done. The same challenge faces us. We also need a passion, power and plan to reach the goal of world evangelism.

Suggestions for Graduates

Reaching High School graduation is a life-changing event. It moves young people from school "children" into the world of adults. Graduation is a time to set goals. The reason is that a major goal is reached and now new directions, new visions, and new aims are needed. As graduates begin a new phase of life, there is a need for setting some new goals. This sermon makes some suggestions on how to set and reach goals.

Junk Yard of Idols

In Athens, Greece there were many idols, pagan thinkers, false philosophies, and empty teachings. Paul arrived in Athens to find a city that had become a "junk yard of idols."

Great Expectations

We often are disappointed because others do not live up to our expectations of them. Here are some suggestions on how to adjust your expectations of - Others, Jesus, Preachers, and Yourself.

Observing Religious Holidays

There is much discussion and confusion about how, and in what ways we can observe, keep, or celebrate religious holidays. Most think about Christmas and Easter. But there are many others – Lent, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, etc. What does the NT teach about how these days should / should not be observed? This sermon also points out the difference between the personal observance and observing it in worship in the church.

3 Implications of Reconciliation

Special sermon preached at Etowah. This sermon is a word study of the word "Reconciliation" in the New Testament.

Road Signs

Along the highway are many signs. They are placed there to warn us of dangers, give us instructions to follow, and make our travel safer. Along the highway of life God has placed signs for us to follow for a happier life and to guide us on our way to heaven.

Preparing to Shrink

You often hear preachers talk about church growth. This sermon looks at the real potential that the church could shrink. Is the church across this land growing or shrinking? Are we making progress, holding our own, or loosing members? Are you ready for a smaller brotherhood?

Instrumental Music in Worship

There are many questions about what is authorized in our worship to God. What does God command, endorse, approve? What does God condemn about worship? Why do churches of Christ reject the use of instrumental music in our worship? Are we just being fussy, technical, or are we seeking to be Biblical?

The Militant Remnant

The church is the army of God. We are at war. The church may never be a majority or very popular, but we are commanded to be militant. This sermon, “The Militant Remnant”, shows us that we must be aggressive, active, on the attack, and militant in our evangelism of the gospel.

5 "P's" of Patering

Pater is the Greek word for father. Most sermons on Mother’s Day are nice sermons about sacrifice, love and devotion. Most sermons on Father’s Day are clubs that hit men over the head for not doing a better job of parenting. Not this sermon. I am going to give some suggestions for parents (including mothers) as they raise a family.

Come Out From Among Them

Christians are in a struggle between being too close and friendly to the world and being to isolated from the lost. How can I reach the lost if I am isolated and separated from the world? How can I remain pure if I am too close to the things of the world? What is the secret to being close to the people of the world and separate from the things of the world?

Approach to Bible Study

There is a struggle for many to understand and study the Bible. How can a book that is 1000’s of years old make any sense for my life? How can I hope to understand the text and apply it to my life? Here are 7 approaches to Bible study.

Sin Against A Brother

Christians often disagree or hurt or offend each other. Jesus gave some clear instructions, but we are often afraid to follow them. How can we heal the hurts? How can we make things better? What if things get worse? Does the plan of Jesus really work?

Who is in Fellowship?

We must not "judge" but the Bible does draw lines of fellowship. God instructs us that some should be excluded from the social and spiritual fellowship of His church. Can we draw lines of fellowship between the moral and immoral? Should we reject from fellowship to those who teach an error in doctrine?

Is all of Life Worship?

It is a common view that all we do, everywhere we go, is worship to God. Therefore we do not need to assemble for an hour on Sunday to worship. We can worship - fishing, playing golf, on a family picnic.

Diagnosis: Immoral

We don't need statistics to tell us the world is in a moral decline. The real question is - What is the prescription? Is there a cure?

I Say / God Says

Our thinking is often just the opposite of what God says. We think that something is too difficult and God reminds us that all things are possible. This sermon will look at several areas where we need to think like God thinks.

Future - Part 1 -

Positive Approach

The first in the series will look at the need to be positive and how to get and keep it. The future of this church depends on the members feeling good, having a positive attitude toward the leadership, the preacher, and the work the church is doing.

Unpleasant Truth

Sometimes we don’t like the message and so we kill the messenger. Ahab did not like the message of Micahiah, the prophet. But that did not change the truth of what was said. What is our reaction to “unpleasant truth” when we are confronted with a conflict between what we want to do and what the Word of God commands?

Future - Part 2 -

Dreams and Hopes

The future of any congregation depends on its ability to dream and have a hope for a bright future. What are your dreams for this church? Where will this church be in 5 or 10 years? What are your hopes for this church?

What is a Christian?

The Word "Christian" is used in many ways. How does the New Testament define this word? What does it mean to be a Christian? How does the Bible use this word? Are you a Christian?

Future - Part 3 -


Being positive and having dreams are good. But they must be moved to action. The future of the church depends on the dedication of its members. What hinders us from greater involvement in the work of this church? How can my dedication be increased?

The Juniper Tree

Have you ever been so discouraged you were ready to give up? Elijah became despondent and sat down under a juniper tree. What are the causes of despondency and how can it be cured?

Future - Part 4 - Faithfulness

If a congregation is to have any future, there must be a faithfulness of the members. Not just faithful in attendance. Great churches are built on faithfulness. God demands faithfulness even unto (if it means) our death.

Future - Part 5 - Staying the Course

In the final lesson in this series we will see that the future of the local congregation rests with those who stay the course. There is NO future to any church that does not keep in keeping on.

A Christian Is Holy

The word "Holy" often is used to mean an exceptionally strong Christian. Holy is not a super person. All Christians are holy. We are to be holy is every aspect of our lives. The world wants us to conform. God expects us to be transformed.

Fear Jehovah But Serve Other Gods

The Samaritans had the background as part of the nation of Israel. However, they intermingled and lost their desire to serve God. The text of this sermon is a challenge and warning - They feared Jehovah but they served other gods.

See My Zeal

Zeal can be good or bad. Misplaced zeal or zeal gone berserk gives zeal a bad name. Jehu is an example of zeal gone wild. We must be cautious of zeal that destroys more than it builds or boasts for itself.

Relationships and Responsibilities

As Christians, the Bible describes us with some figures of speech which describe our relationship to Christ and our responsibilities. Living Stones, Priests, and Holy Nation describe our relationship to Christ. These figures also give us some responsibility toward God.

Hezekiah's Passover

There is an example of a Passover that did not follow the example and instructions of the law. Some see this as an illustration of why the details about baptism are not important. Does God care about all the details of His commands?

Why do Christians Quit?

 I believe that most who become Christians are sincere. So why do some leave the church and return to the world? This sermon looks as some of the reasons that Christians fall away from faithfulness.

Do You Know God?

Do you know God? Do you know that you know God? How can you tell if someone knows God? How can you tell if someone does NOT know God? How do you know if do not know God?

Fail the Faith Test

In many ways our faith is challenged every day. The question is: Will we pass or fail this test? This sermon looks at some of the tests our faith must face. Here are 8 ways our faith is put to the test.

4-Eyed Frog

Another "frog" sermon to add to my collection of over 300 frogs. There are some important lessons we must learn from the Chilean 4-Eyed Frog.

The Practice of Sin

There is a difference in making a mistake, falling to a temptation AND practicing sin as a lifestyle or way of life. This sermon looks at those who practice sin as a way of life.

Once Saved, Always Saved

Salvation is an offer from God. We must accept the conditions. There is debate about the possibility of being lost after having been saved. Both the Old Testament and New Testament indicate the possibility exists and we must be alert and cautious.

Monster in the Mirror

This sermon was preached on Halloween. Just as Frankenstein saw the monster he was in a mirror, so we must be able to see ourselves in sin. Before we can repent - we must see the monster in the mirror.

Confident Salvation

We sing "Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine." But many don't have the confidence they claim in this song. Can we have confidence in your salvation?

A Christian is Holy

What does it mean to be "holy"? Holy does not mean perfect. It means - different, separated from the world. Many Christians think they are not holy because they misunderstand the word.

Go Forward

Even preachers get discouraged. God needed to give Paul some words of encouragement. God made some promises that we need to hear.

Who needs a Lawyer?

In general, lawyers have a poor reputation. BUT, Jesus is our lawyer. When we are in trouble, we need a lawyer. We need Jesus as our advocate.

Is it a sin to doubt?

Christians have doubts. These doubts can be crippling, challenging or just momentary times of wondering. Is it a sin to question, wonder, or even doubt?

What is the sin unto death?

Many are concerned about an "unpardonable sin" that might prevent them from being saved. John speaks of a sin unto death. What is it? Can one tell if they have committed this sin?

What will you do with Jesus?

We often sing a song with this title. We must decided. We are confronted with the evidence and we must accept or reject. What will you do with Jesus?

Tired of Church

Are you tired of boring sermons, dull classes, unexciting singing, ho-hum prayers? How can worship become alive and vital? Why do we get tired of going to church?

Scrooge Was Right

This is the season of giving and sharing. It is a time when hearts are more compassionate. BUT - there are some things it is more blessed to RECEIVE. This sermon looks as some of God's gifts to us.

Is your Heart Right with God?

There are many ways our heart can be wrong with God. Our constant task is to make sure that our heart is right with God. Does God approve of your heart today? This lesson probes some ways our heart might not be right.

Do Not Copy Error

If something is right, it does not matter who thought of it first. But, if something is wrong, do not copy it, even if it seems to be working for a denomination. In some ways we are guilty of copying the denominations.

I Dare You

OK, it is time for a challenge as we head into the new year. Do you have some personal goals or resolutions? This sermon lays down the gauntlet. Here is a challenge for one month. Try it. You might like it.

Why are we Not Reaching Them?

Why are we having fewer baptisms than in years past? Is it the fault of the preacher? Elders? Teachers? Has the world lost interest in salvation? Are there some reasons we are not reaching the lost?