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 Why we sing a cappella


1.    Most lessons focus on what we should NOT do.

2.    The NT gives us some reasons to sing a cappella

3.    A cappella = from the chapel (music from the church building)


Here are 5 reasons we sing a cappella


1.    Because Jesus Sang with His Apostles

a.    Matthew 26:30; Mark 14:26

b.    Follow Jesus example

2.    Because Paul Sang with Silas in Prison

a.    Acts 16

b.    Prison, in stocks, rough day – sing

3.    Because It Comes from the Overflow of Our Happiness

a.    James 5:13

b.    Aren’t you happy to be a Christian?

4.    Because the Words of our Songs Teach and Edify the Church

a.    Colossians 3:16

b.    Teach

c.    Admonish

5.    Because Singing Words of Gratitude Pleases the Lord

a.    Hebrews 13:15

b.    Ephesians 5:18-19

6.    Conclusion

a.    For over 1,000 years the music was:

                                          i.    Congregational

                                        ii.    A cappella.

b.    Today in many churches the music is:

                                          i.    Entertainment

                                        ii.    To put on a show


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