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Self-Defense and the Church

Matthew 5:39


1.    Recent shooting in Texas killed 26, wounded 20 in a church of 50

2.    Member of the church shot the shooter (leg and abdomen)

3.    Much discussion about how to make church buildings safe during worship

4.    Lock doors? Hire security guards?

5.    Discussion about protection vs. no vengeance

a.    Man breaking in your home kill him OR

b.    Chase him down the street, tackle him, and kill him

 What the bible teaches about self-defense / protection of others and family

1.    Luke 11:21

2.    1 Timothy 5:8

3.    Luke 22:36

4.    Proverbs 25:26

5.    Psalm 82:4

6.    Mark 3:27

7.    Esther 8:11

8.    Exodus 22:2

9.    Judges 3:31

 What the Bible teaches about vengeance / revenge

1.    Romans 12:17

2.    Matthew 5:38-39

3.    Proverbs 24:29

4.    1 Peter 3:9

 How these passages do NOT contradict each other

1.    Contradiction some see these passages as opposite to each other

2.    Self-defense = protection from danger, man breaking down the door

a.    Member of the church shot the shooter in Texas leg and abdomen

b.    Caused the man to flee, drive away killing stopped

3.    Vengeance = anger after the danger / crisis is over

a.    What if the member got in his car, chased him, tackled him, and shot him in the head? Wrong. This would not be protection, but revenge


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