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TITLE: Gideon's Army

TEXT:  Judges 6:11-16

PROPOSITION:  God can deliver us against insurmountable odds.


  1. An unimportant man in Israelite society of the time became the “savior” of the nation.
  2. Army of 32,000

1.    Too large for God to use.

2.    All afraid – 22,000 go home

3.    Not alert – all but 300 gone.

  1. Here are three lessons – and 3 questions for us to learn.

1. God is with us = Power

  1. Judges 6:12  
  2. This is the first word which the Lord’s angel directs to Gideon. It’s the main fact he needs to recognize.
  3. When Gideon complains, he comes from the weakest clan and he’s the youngest of his family, the Lord says, “Surely, I will be with you, and you shall defeat the Midianites as one man.” Judges 6:16
  4. QUESTION: Where else do we find a promise of the Lord to empower his people?

1.    Many places in NT – Matthew 28:20; Luke 1:28 (to Mary)

2.    With Paul in shipwreck and storm, with Peter in prison

3.    With us – today – in answered prayer and providence

2. Word of God = Certainty and Courage

  1. The Lord caused the Midianites to dream and fear Gideon. What he heard from their mouth was caused by the Lord for him to have certainty of the battle’s success and courage to attack
  2. Judges 7:9-15
  3. The tests with the wool fleece were not enough. (Judges 6:36-40)
  4. Even after seeing two miracles, Gideon didn’t appear to be convinced, so the Lord gives him another opportunity to bolster his courage, this time listening to a word from the mouths of the Midianites, but caused by a dream given to the enemy by the Lord.
  5. After hearing the enemies’ fears, he praises God and rouses the army.
  6. QUESTION: What does God putting a dream in the enemy’s mind say about his sovereignty?
  7. God is almighty, all powerful, creator, provider, protecto

3. Wisdom = Peace

  1. When the Ephraimites complained to Gideon that he had not called them to fight against the Midianites, he replied with wisdom and preserved the peace
  2. There could have been a major problem, split, division, civil war.
  3. In wisdom, Gideon de-fused the issue.
  4. Judges 8:1-3
  5. QUESTION: How did Gideon calm the Ephraimites? Where did he get such wisdom?
  6. Everyone has value, each contributes in some way.


  1. God will be with us
  2. God is all powerful, sovereign Lord
  3. God gives us wisdom


Basic outline and questions from J. Randal Matheny

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