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Do Your Own Thing

Ecclesiastes 11:9-10



1.    Many have no moral compass

2.    They do what feels right, what they want to do

3.    Song: How can it be wrong, when it feels so right?

4.    Here is Solomon’s advice


Solomon says:

1.    In the days of your youth

a.    Solomon is old when he writes this

b.    Talks about the time he was young (and foolish)

c.    Have fun, be happy, have cheer in your heart

d.    Many say, “God wants me to be happy.”

e.    Ecclesiastes 12:1

2.    Walk in the ways of your heart

a.    Heart = will, desire, emotion, thoughts

b.    Do what your heart desires

c.    Do whatever pleases you

d.    If it feels good, do it.

3.    In the sight of your eyes

a.    If it looks good – go for it

b.    Follow whatever pleases the eye

c.    Judges did – Judges 21:25

d.    Eve did – Genesis 3:6 pleasant to the eyes

e.    Satan tempted Jesus – Matthew 4:8

f.     1 John 2:16 – lust of flesh, lust of eyes, pride of life

4.    BUT KNOW

a.    But = a reversal, contrast

b.    Used to introduce a contrast (dictionary)

c.    You can follow points 1-3 – But

d.    Know = remember, understand, there are consequences

e.    Something else you need to keep in mind

5.    For all these, God will bring you into judgment

a.    Every word

b.    Every action

c.    Every decision

d.    Everything (good or bad) – John 5:28-29

6.    Childhood and youth are vanity (10)

a.    Vanity – chasing the wind

b.    Empty, hollow, useless

c.    Gone quickly – move into adulthood

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