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Trump Scriptures



  1. Many card games you can name a card or suit as “trump”

  2. This means that it is more powerful and can capture cards of other suits

  3. When you are in a discussion with someone about a matter of doctrine

    1. You may show them 3 or 5 scriptures

    2. They will come out with one (unrelated) and think it “trumps”

  4. The thinking is that some passages trump all the others.

Here are some of these “Trump Scriptures”:

  1. Matthew 7:1 do not judge

    1. In response to any moral issue

    2. Abortion, homosexuality, alcohol

    3. Divorce, remarriage, live together

  1. Acts 16:30-31 believe and be saved / also John 3:16

    1. In answer to any discussion about baptism

    2. Baptism is in the NT – but not important

  1. Romans 5:12 original sin

    1. In response to a study of infant baptism

    2. Infants need to be saved from sin

  1. Ephesians 2:8-9 saved by grace

    1. Used to trump a study of obedience

    2. Grace Only – Faith Only is a common theme

  1. Romans 10:9-10 believe and confess

    1. Try to trump a study of the plan of salvation

    2. Just believe – anything more would be salvation by works

  1. Revelation 3:20 just answer the knock

    1. Repeat the sinners prayer

    2. Just accept Jesus into your heart and life

  1. John 1:12 just believe

    1. You can be a son of God if you believe

    2. NOTE: power to become – not there yet

  1. Matthew 7:3-5 Remove beam first

    1. Don't point out my fault until you clean up your life

    2. We must examine self first

    3. Does not require us to be sinless

  1. Hebrews 13:8 Still do miracles (healing, tongues)

    1. Jesus does not change – so miracles still going on

    2. Jesus (and Jehovah) do not change BUT:

      1. They changed Patriarchal law to Law of Moses to Christianity

      2. They did not change character or basic principles

  1. Romans 3:31 about keeping the Sabbath

    1. Keep the law, don't void it

    2. Ignore all the passages OT and NT that show the law ended

  2. Hebrews 13:4

    1. Marriage is honorable for ALL

    2. Therefore – everyone has the right to marry/remarry

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