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The Main Thing

Does the Bible differentiate between doctrines?

Intro: In religious studies, we are always confronted with people justifying their view with the rationale, “but the “Main Thing” is….. In this lesson, we explore the question, “do Scriptures teach that there are a few “main things” and we must obey and ignore other commands because we consider them minor?” Doctrine is doctrine; God did not differentiate between doctrines; making some little so we can ignore them and others more important.

  1. Worship Service

Short Talks - that inspire us is what we want….the main thing is Praise – forget the doctrines

Musical instruments - are ok….the main thing is an inspirational experience for the audience.

Women Leadership - women speakers and leaders are fine….the main thing is that everybody can use their God-given talents

Attendance - Other services are not necessary….the main thing is taking the Lord’s Supper on Sun Morning

  1. Living the Christian Life

Marriage - Divorce and Remarriage is ok….the main thing is that God wants me to be happy

Nurturing of Children – no time for Bible teaching and praying at home…the main thing is for the kids to have great secular education and wonderful childhood experiences

Discipline in the Home – is harmful to children’s ego…the main thing is for children have fun

Working for the Lord – no time for participating in the work of the Church….the main thing is for me to provide for my family so we can have the great American way of life God wants us to have.

  1. Salvation Requirements

Sprinkling and Pouring for Baptism is acceptable….the main thing is living the Christian life

Baptism not necessary…the main thing is to believe in your heart


The Bible does not teach that there are “main things” to the exclusion of so-called “minor things.” And on the opposite extreme, we are not taught to major on the so-called “minors” to the exclusion of our view of so-called “main things.” Wide spread confusion exists in religions because of varying judgments of “what is minor” and can be ignored and “what is major” and must be emphasized. God has not given humans the option to classify His commands.

There are so many other topics that could be addressed here; your difficulty is to select those that are most effective to illustrate the point.

By Dan Williams, Winchester, TN

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