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Supreme Court vs. Supreme God

Ezekiel 22:23-31

  1. History of the bad decisions by SCOTUS

    1. Dred Scott slaves can not be citizens or vote

    2. Roe v. Wade abortion on demand

    3. Prayer in school

    4. Same sex marriage (homosexuality)


  2. Learn these lessons

    1. Supreme Court is not as high as our Supreme God

      1. Psalm 10:4-5

      2. Isaiah 55:9

    2. What may be legal does not mean it is moral

      1. Think alcohol, gambling, abortion, divorce

      2. Law of land may conflict with law of God

      3. Acts 4:19

      4. Acts 5:29

    3. God is still in charge He may have a purpose in this

      1. Daniel 4:25

      2. Daniel 4:32

    4. God is looking for someone to stand in the gap

      1. We all shake our heads

      2. We all say Somebody ought to do something

      3. God is giving you and me the opportunity to stand in the gap

    5. Hedge / Gap

      1. Hedge = is a growth of hedges to form a wall

      2. Gap = a break or open place in the hedge

      3. Adam Clarke - I sought for a man - I saw that there was a grievous breach made in the moral state and feeling of the people, and I sought for a man that would stand in the gap; that would faithfully exhort, reprove and counsel with all long-suffering and doctrine. But none was to be found!

      4. Psalm 106:23 Moses did this to save Israel

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