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Hebrews 3:12-19

Piddling = dealing with trifles, killing time, doing things not pertinent to the goal

  1. God's Plan

    1. Promised to Israel

    2. Could make it in a few weeks

    3. Stopped at Mt. Sinai gave them law

    4. Ultimate plan 2 years


  2. God's Care

    1. Leaving Egypt

    2. Pillar of fire and cloud

    3. Manna / water from rock

    4. Sweet water at Rephidium


  3. Came close to entering

    1. Kadesh-Barnea on the border

    2. Spies sent report of unbelief

    3. Spent 40 years wandering, piddling, wasting time, dying


  4. Did not enter

    1. Unbelief doubt lack of trust in God

    2. Fear of the giants

    3. Opposed by Moabites


  5. Are you piddling in the wilderness?

    1. Attendance contribution singing

    2. Souls would be reached

    3. Many see our work glorify God


  6. Result

    1. All died

    2. Joshua and Caleb only ones who survived


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