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From tract by Allen Webster


  1. Many tragedies, crisis mass shootings, war, storms, floods, famine

  2. When these things happen we ask Where is God?

  3. God gets blamed for things that are not His fault. Job 1:16

  4. How could a good God allow such evil?

  5. Why does an almighty God not do something?

  6. Couldn't God create a world without evil?

  7. Why doesn't God help His children?

Four Observations

  1. People would live in chaos.

    1. God is a God of order 1 Corinthians 14:40 decently and in order

    2. If God suspends natural law when a child is in danger chaos would reign.

    3. We need some consistent rules gravity, fire, gasoline

    4. We could not function in a world without rational prediction

  2. People would become reckless.

    1. God expects us to careful, prudent, cautious

    2. Acts 16:28

    3. Proverbs 16:21

    4. We are NOT invincible and bulletproof

    5. We can not cross the street without looking both ways.

  3. People would fail to develop spirituality.

    1. Illustrate with butterfly / moth getting out of the cocoon

    2. Without challenges we would become selfish shallow, spoiled

    3. God wants us to grow, mature, grow up, become adults

  4. People would complain that their free will was taken away.

    1. When there is a crisis we want God to step in

    2. But at other times we want freedom to make choices

    3. What if - -

      1. Every angry rant God set your computer / phone on fire?

      2. Every false doctrine speaker lost his voice?

      3. Every liar was struck dead?

    4. Study these verses

      1. Joshua 24:15

      2. Proverbs 14:12

    5. Our service to God should be out of love

  5. People would follow Christ for the wrong reasons.

    1. If God protected His followers many would follow for protection

    2. If no Christian ever got cancer, had a heart attack, suffered from any disease we would be baptizing people every hour of every day.

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