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(From a tract by Allen Webster)


Two words that will determine you view of the Bible

  1. All language (spoken and written) must be understood

  2. You must interpret the words you hear or read

  3. Include – tone, expression, meaning of words, context


  1. Ex = out

  2. We must “draw out of the Word” the message and understanding

  3. Text = any verse or statement in the Bible

  4. Context = that which surround the text – paragraph, chapter, work, entire Bible

  5. Pretext = to conceal the real or true motive

  6. Proof text = passage the proves, or seems to prove a claim or doctrine

  7. Exegesis – study the Bible, bring nothing with you – empty slate


  1. Eis – for, into, toward

  2. Eisegesis – bringing into the text your own views or theory

  3. Many twist passages to fit their theory.

  4. A text can not mean what it never meant.

  5. To quote a passage out of its context can make it say what it never was intended to say

    1. Genesis 24:64 – she lighted off the camel – women smoking

    2. Matthew 24:17 – top not come down

    3. Ecc. 9: 5 – dead know nothing

  6. We create a straw man

  7. It is a wrong justification for error in doctrine

  8. It results in an unfair appeal to authority

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