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Distracted Driving on the Straight and Narrow

from a tract by Allen Webster

Luke 10:38-42


  1. Distracted driving problem today

  2. Broader application – we can be distracted from our purpose

  3. Example of Mary and Martha

    1. Sisters and Lazarus, their brother

    2. Close friends – went there several times

Martha was distracted by responsibility

  1. Put yourself in Bethany

  2. As older sister – Martha was the hostess

  3. What did she do wrong?

    1. Not out on the town, wine, men and worldly things

    2. Busy doing good things – missed out on the best things

    3. She was busy preparing a meal – a good thing

    4. Jesus was not there for the food – but for the fellowship

    5. NOTE to our monthly fellowship – keep the fellowship important

  4. Many today are like her.

    1. Can see good and bad, right and wrong, black and white

    2. They can also see the grays.

    3. The most difficult is the shades of white

    4. Mark 4:19 – cares of the world choke out the Word

Martha was distracted by resentment

  1. Jesus arrived – much activity – not just Jesus (He brought 12 apostles along)

  2. Bread to bake, meat to cook, drinks to pour, table to set

  3. Everything from scratch, no microwave, no food in the freezer

  4. The more she works – the more agitated she becomes

    1. I can't believe Mary is not helping me.

    2. Dinner would be done sooner if she would help.

    3. She did not even offer to set the table

  5. Finally she stomps into the living room

    1. Does not address Mary – but Jesus

    2. She sees Jesus as the distraction

  6. Martha could have commanded (ordered) Mary to help

  7. Each of us has different personalities, abilities, skills, interests.

  8. Why didn't Martha sit at Jesus feet and listen?

  9. Later – John 12:1-2 – She fed the same group no problems

Martha was distracted by short-sightedness

  1. Martha looking back on that day – What did she learn?

  2. Now Jesus has returned to heaven. Would she like to talk to Him again?

  3. Would she like to ask some questions and hear His answers?

  4. It was a rare treat – Jesus 10 feet away, other side of the wall – not with Him

  5. Mary was present – at His feet – listening, paying attention,

  6. Mary chose fellowship, family, and spiritual over the kitchen

  7. Today – we have our To-Do lists – digital reminders

  8. Many fail to realize what they are missing


  1. Are we too busy working for Jesus that we forget to spend time with Him?

  2. We can be in the house (a worship) but not hearing Jesus

  3. Honor with lips, heart is far away Matthew 15:8-9

  4. We need Martha's hands and Mary's heart.

  5. What is the “one thing needful” that Jesus mentioned?

  6. Have you chosen the good part.

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