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TITLE: Who is the dog?
TEXT: Mark 7:24-30
PROPOSITION: God has some established priorities.
KEY WORD: Explanations

  1. At first reading - many think Jesus is calling her a dog.
  2. What is the message of this conversation?

Not prejudice - name calling - contempt for gentiles
  1. Jesus died for ALL men - all races, all nations
  2. All are invited to come. Salvation is open to all people.

I missed my turn
  1. As a child, wait for adults to eat first.
  2. Now as an adult, wait for the kids to eat first.
  3. I missed my turn at being first.

Priority was Jews first.
  1. John the Baptizer
  2. Jesus - limited commission Matthew 15:24; Matthew 10:5-6
  3. Paul - Romans 1:16
  4. Went to synagogues - first
  5. Finally - I turn to the Gentiles (Acts 13:46
  6. Paul's plan - Acts 26:20
  7. Jesus' plan - Acts 1:8

Study the text:
  1. Jesus says - Let children be filled first (emphasis on FIRST)
  2. She thinks - I am not a child (Jew) so I must wait my turn.
  3. Proverb - Don't look a gift horse in mouth. Do not muzzle the ox.
  4. ”sleeping dogs lie.” - I am not calling anyone a dog. Just let them alone.
  5. Proverb - Do not feed the dogs first, and children starve. (Priority)
  6. She agrees - But when the children eat, if they drop a crumb, can I have it?
  7. Results - Because of her faith, her daughter is healed

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