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TITLE:  Worshiping God in the Wrong Way
TEXT:  Exodus 20:4-6
PROPOSITION:  Many worship the right God in all the wrong ways.


  1. Many think this command is part of the first.
  2. 1st = No Other Gods – Worship the right God
  3. 2nd = No Graven Images – Worship God in the right way

 Some people use graven images to represent false gods.

  1. Idolatry is Ignorant – Isaiah 40:18-19
  2. Idolatry is more than ignorant; it is contemptible.

 Some people use graven images to represent the true God.

  1. Golden Calf – represented Jehovah – Exodus 32:5
  2. They were not worshiping the calf
  3. They were not worshiping a pagan god
  4. They were worshiping God (Jehovah)

 Images designed as aids to worship always become detriments.

  1. Many deny worship – they venerate the icon – worship who it represents
  2. Very Fine Line between “venerate” and “worship”

 Images dishonor god for they obscure His glory.

  1. Likeness of “things” does not show God
  2. Men worship “things” rather than God
  3. “Things” cannot show love, mercy, patience, and power of God.
  4. How many of you like your driver’s license photo?
    1. Why not?
    2. It dishonors you, not your good side

 Images mislead men for they convey false ideas about God.

  1. When they built the calf to remind them of God –
    1. They did many immoral things
    2. 1 Corinthians 10:7
    3. Exodus 32:25

 What is the right way to worship God?

  1. In Spirit and Truth – John 4:24

  2. Look to Jesus – Colossians 1:19-20

  3. Jesus is ONLY way to Father – John 14:6



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