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TITLE: 10 Stupid Things We Do: We Want More!
TEXT: Deuteronomy 5:21
PROPOSITION: Coveting is a sin of attitude.
KEY WORD: Intentions


  1. The first 9 Commandments are – action oriented – measured my action

  2. Do Not Covet – is not an action but an attitude.

  3. Covet is a desire – an evil attitude – We Want More!

  4. Not all coveting is sinful.

    1. Coveting is evil when we covet wrong things.

    2. Coveting is “to set the heart upon, to desire unlawfully, to secure illegitimately”

    3. Webster – A strong desire or inordinate desire of obtaining and possessing some wealth or goods

    4. The covetousness which the Bible prohibits is restricted to the illicit strong desire to possess what one does not have, which cannot be rightly obtained, or which belongs to another.”


Do not covet your neighbor’s – wife, servant, ox, donkey or anything your neighbor owns

  1. Many think – I don’t want my neighbor’s wife – He does not have an ox or donkey – Don’t think they have any servants

  2. Today – Covet has a new name – Advertising – $3.5 million for 30 seconds ad during the Super Bowl

  3. Purpose – Get us to desire what we did not know we wanted or needed

  4. Telemarketers – Spam (email) – Fax Jamming – replaced door-to-door sales

  5. Credit – easier – Buy now – Pay later – Zero interest



What is wrong with Coveting?

  1. Coveting is Idolatry

    1. Colossians 3:5-7

    2. Coveting dethrones God and puts things at the center of our hearts.

    3. Coveting dethrones God and puts things at the center of our minds.

    4. Coveting dethrones God and puts things at the center of our wills.

  2. Coveting leads to other problems

    1. It does not stay a sin of the mind and heart

    2. We put those desires into action – cheat, steal, kill, lie

    3. Coveting influences our behavior

  3. Coveting stops us from being generous

    1. Coveting is selfishness gone to seed

    2. Covetous people see what they can GET rather than GIVE

    3. Covetous people forget the childhood lessons of SHARING

  4. Coveting cheats us of contentment

    1. We live in one of two “tents” – content or discontent

    2. Grass is always greener;

    3. God made us a little lower than the angels, but we want to be a little higher than the Joneses.


So, How can we change?

  1. Be aware of the danger

    1. External – Advertising – Friend gets one

    2. Internal – Root problem is not OUT THERE – but IN HERE

  2. Realign our desires

  3. Keep our hearts in shape

    1. Carry contempt for covetousness

    2. Acquire an attitude of gratitude

    3. Be wise with what you have.

    4. Re-establish relationships

    5. Give generously

    6. Cultivate contentment

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