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TITLE:  10 Stupid Things We Do: Worship the Wrong Gods
TEXT:  Exodus 20:1-3
PROPOSITION:  It is foolish to worship the wrong gods.
KEY WORD:  Questions


  1. Dr. Laura Schlessinger books – 10 Stupid Things Women (Men, Parents) Do to Mess Up their Lives
  2. Last month theme – God Has Rules
  3. This month – looking at those rules – Here are 10 Stupid Things We Do.
  4. The first commandment – No other gods.

 What does the First Commandment affirm?

1.        Most of the 10 Commandments are in the negative

2.        Only the 4th and 5th do not contain the word “not”.

3.        All can be expressed negatively or positively.

4.        This command affirms two things:

a.       No other gods ahead of Jehovah (before Him).

b.       No other gods in addition to Jehovah (besides Him).

5.        This command is a clear command for – Monotheism – belief in one God.

 What does the First Commandment forbid?

1.        Atheism – Psalm 14:1 Fool says there is no god

2.        Agnosticism – Claims we don’t have enough information to believe

3.        Deism – God made the world and let it go, never interferes

4.        Henotheism – Belief in a national god

a.       God of the USA? Our race, tribe, political system

b.       Many view God as – White, Anglo-Saxon, capitalist, _____ (political party)

5.        Polytheism – Belief in many gods – pagan view – Greeks and Romans

6.        Ecumenism – Belief that God can be the god of:

a.       Other religions – Buddah, Confucius, Hindu, Islam

b.       Other teachings – Mormons, 7th Day Adventists, Pentecostals, Catholics, Christian Scientist, Armstrongism, Jehovah’s Witness, etc.

c.       NOTE: Each of these has a view of God that differs from mine.


How does the First Commandment apply today?

  1. Undivided loyalty to the one true God.
  2. We don’t have idols or totem poles in this building.
  3. But many have a divided loyalty – job, hobby, sport, family, money, etc.
  4. Many have other priorities – success, health, science, secularism
  5. Some stay home from worship of God to watch a football game (Today is Super Bowl Sunday).


  1. God has rules.
  2. Rule # 1 – God requires our undivided loyalty.
  3. Our worship MUST focus on God.
  4. Our lives MUST focus on God.



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