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Zechariah: Plan for the Future


  1. It is hard to plan for the future.

    1. Save for college for children – lots of time

    2. Save for retirement – lots of time

  2. Instead of planning for future, we are mortgaging our future

  3. Most people live in the “here and now” mode

  4. We do not worry or think about the future – old age, death, retirement

    1. Drunk drivers kill people, don't plan on getting home safely

    2. Study of Olympic athletes take performance-enhancing drugs – over 50% said yes

    3. Many births out of wedlock – just live in the moment

    4. Many will not go to heaven – don't plan for the future

Planning for the future requires work in the present

  1. Kids have dreams – when I grow up I want to be – baseball player, doctor, lawyer

  2. Without doing the hard work – study, prepare, it will not happen.

    1. Doctor – neglect study in science

    2. Athlete – must practice every day

    3. Marriage better

    4. Get out of debt

    5. Change habits – eating, exercise, rest, weight, health issues


Zechariah -

  1. Longest of the minor prophets – 14 chapters

  2. About 30 men with this name in the Bible

  3. Zechariah means “Jehovah remembers”

  4. Contains 8 visions:

  5. Apocalyptic language – like Revelation

  6. Prophecies of Christ

  7. Promises of doom for Jerusalem

  8. Jewish tradition says he started the “great synagogue”

  9. He was involved in collecting, preserving the inspired writings

  10. Zechariah has much to say about Christ

  11. Christ talked about Zechariah – Matthew 23:35

  12. Theme of the book: BUILD FOR THE FUTURE TODAY!


  1. These symbols and visions are all well and good for them, but what do they have to say to us today?

    1. God keeps His promises.

    2. God’s chosen people are those in His church—not physical Israel.

    3. God’s kingdom is ruled by Jesus the Christ, the King and High Priest of the church.

    4. As such we must follow Him and His examples.

    5. The inhabitants of God’s kingdom are supposed to be inviting others to come to the feast!

  2. Ultimately, the thing to remember is this: Plan for the future by obeying God today!

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