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Micah - The Lesson of Purest Religion

Micah 6:8


  1. Micah (Michayahu) “Who is like Jehovah?” (7:18)

  2. From Moresheth, a small town about 20 miles southwest of Jerusalem.

  3. Prophet to Judah primarily, but also to Israel, during the times of the prophets Isaiah, Hosea, Jonah, and Amos. (750-700 B.C.)


  1. Prediction of Judgment (1:1-3:12)

    1. For Idolatry (1:7; 5:12)

    2. For Evil Plans, Deeds and Covetousness (2:1-2)

    3. For Wickedness of Princes, Prophets, and Priests (3:1-12)

    4. For Witchcraft and Deceit (5:12; 6:10-12)

    5. For Corruption and Treachery (7:2-4; 5-6)

  2. Prediction of Restoration (4:1-5:15)

    1. The Kingdom (4:1-13)

    2. The Messiah’s Coming (5:1-15)

  3. Plea for Repentance (6:1-7:20)

    1. Exhortation to Individual Holiness (6:1-8)

    2. Holy Judgment of Wickedness (6:9-7:17)

    3. Merciful Imputation of Righteousness (7:18-20)

Some Lessons

  1. We can trust God’s Word because of fulfilled prophecy. (5:2)

  2. God demands holy living from His people. (6:8)

    1. “The piety that God approves consists of three elements: a strict adherence to that which is equitable in all dealings with our fellowmen; a heart determined to do them good; and diligent care to live in close and intimate fellowship with God.” Charles Feinberg

  3. God’s people can be influenced for the worse if they do not stay grounded in His word.

  4. We will have no one to blame but ourselves if we fall away.

  5. God will always be with His people.

  6. We see the nature of repentance.

  7. God did not just cover our sins, He removed them. (7:19)

  8. The question for you tonight is this: Are you truly one of His people?

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