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Hosea - The Lesson of Spiritual Adultery

Hosea 1:2


A. Hosea’s Marriage - a Type of Israel Chs. 1-3

B. God’s Charges Against Israel Chs. 4:1-6:3

C. God’s Decision to Judge (Punish) Chs. 6:4-10:15

D. God’s Resolution in Judgment and Mercy Chs. 11-14

We should remember these lessons

  1. God views idolatry as spiritual adultery.

    1. Israel was His chosen people, His “bride”. 2:16-20

    2. Christians are His bride. - Matthew 25:1-13; Ephesians 5; Revelation 22:17

    3. TYPES OF IDOLS Many of these areas that we will be looking are necessarily not wrong but are when they are in wrong place in our lives.

      1. The idol of clothing Some people eat, sleep and talk clothes all the time.  It is their entire life.  They will shop until they drop even if it is on Sunday to do so.

      2. The idol of cash This is the entire life of some people.  They love money.      1st Timothy 6:10 Either they are spend thrifts or selfish.  If a person does not give to the Lord’s work, they are selfish.  They have made their money their idol.

      3. The idol of children I love my children.  If I would place them before God, then I am an idolater.

      4. The idol of Houses We knew a lady who was late for Sunday School every week.  Someone asked her why she was always late.  She told them that she could not leave her house dirty so she had to clean up first.  In other words, she made her home an idol.

      5. The idol of companions / friends If you allow companions prevent you from coming to church or do a work for God, you have made your companions an idol.

      6. The idol of material possessions I have seen many people washing their cars on Sunday or working on their cars as an act of relaxation on Sunday.  They have made their cars idols.  This includes car races on Sundays.

      7. The idol of Pets Some people will do anything for their pets.  They will feed them the best but give God leftovers or nothing at all.  This makes those creatures an idol.

      8. The idol of careers I have worked some people and you probably know some also who made their career their whole life.  They do not give God one thought.  In other words, their careers are idols.

      9. The idol of competitive sports We live an era of competitive sports craze. Some put their children in competitive sports which is a good thing but they will allow or even miss church themselves on Wednesday nights or Sunday nights because the child is in sports.  That makes competitive sports an idol.

      10. I could name many, many areas that are idols.

  2. Backsliding follows a pattern. 4:1-19

    1. Rejection of the Bible. - “no knowledge of God” 4:1-5

    2. Temptation to turn. 4:6-11

    3. Prosperity led them to forsake God. 4:7 (1 Timothy 6:10; Proverbs 11:28; 28:6)

      1. Satisfaction comes only from God. 4:10

      2. Though tempted, we need not sin. 1 Corinthians 10:13

    4. Following after idols. 4:12-19

      1. Idolatry affects all around you. 4:12-14

      2. Idolaters (sinners) can be used by God to warn others. 4:15

      3. God gives up those that give up Him. 4:17 (Exodus 7:3; Romans 1:26-28)

  3. God’s love is unchanging. 14:1-9

    1. Man needs to repent. 14:1-3

    2. God will restore. 14:3-9

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