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TITLE:HOW TO BUILD A GREAT CHRUCH: Great Foundation (1 of 6)

TEXT: 1 Corinthians 3:6-10

PROPOSITION: Great churches must have great foundations.


KEY WORD: Requirements



1.     We were among the top 10 in total membership and the fastest growing religion in Amercia. NOT TODAY.

2.     Discuss four requirements for a great foundation.

I. Biblically sound congregation

1.     Preach the word 2 Timothy 4:2

2.     Doctrine, morals, life applications

3.     Whole counsel of God   Acts 20:27

II. Program of work

1.     NOT: All eggs in one basket   Acts 6 "neglected"

2.     Missions, benevolence, edification, evangelism, youth, personal needs, community needs, etc.

3.     No one area should drain other works

4.     Caution:  Spend on self = selfishness
Spend on others = mission-minded

III. Large enough to meet needs of all

1.     In 50's and 60's - tended to "swarm"

2.     In 70's and 80's - build "super-church"

3.     Problem:
Need to be big enough to meet needs
Remain friendly, personal, warm, loving

4.     Too small =
Combine too many ages in a class
High percentage of local overhead
Become clanish, closed, a click

IV. Confidence and enthusiasm for local

1.     Is this church in your will?

2.     George W. Carver to Andrew Carnegie - "Sir, I have not impressed you with the greatness of my cause."

3.     Why are we short of - money - preachers?
Money - Colleges, Homes, other works = drain
Preachers - Brains refuse local work, teach at college
Colleges - No preacher on their board of dir.

4.     Get priorities straight - stop losing preachers

5.     Homes - Encourage your sons to be preachers

6.     Do you have confidence in the future of this church?


          1. If programs = answer - Hire professional organizer and grow

          2. If - public relations, salesmanship

          3. Atmosphere - love, closeness, fellowship


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