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TITLE:  Follow the rules: 11th Commandment
TEXT:  John 13:33-35
PROPOSITION:  The law of God is summarized in one word, LOVE.
KEY WORD:  Reasons


  1. Preacher asked some children, “How many commandments are there?” They said, “Ten.” He said, “No, that is wrong. There are eleven.”
  2. We have just finished a study of the 10 Commandments.
  3. Today, we study the 11th Commandment.

 Context – John 14-16 – in upper room the night before his death

  1. Foot washing example
  2. Participation in Passover Feast
  3. Institution of the Lord’s Supper
  4. Christ exposes Judas and his plan
  5. Judas leaves to begin the process
  6. In those last moments – Jesus talks with the 11 remaining apostles
  7. So must to tell them – so little time – everything is compressed (zip file)


  1. Not a promise
  2. Not a wish
  3. A Commandment – to be obeyed
  4. Demands obedience
    1. You break the law by not loving
    2. Just like break the law by murder or stealing


Duty – to be obeyed

  1. Duty is not often mentioned or taught today
  2. Today – everything is relative – nothing is absolute
  3. Examples of this command
    1. John 14:15 – love me, keep my commandments
    2. John 14:21a – has my commands, obeys them
    3. John 14:23a – love me, obey my teachings
    4. John 14:28b – love me, glad I go to the Father
    5. John 15:10a – obey my commands, abide in my love
    6. John 15:12 – Love each other, as I loved you
    7. John 15:17 – This is my command, love one another
  4. Love is not an emotion – it is a DUTY – obedience.

 Debt – to be paid

  1. Romans 13:8 – owe no one anything, except love
  2. Read Romans 13:8-10 – part and parcel with the law

 Lesson – to be learned

  1. Love is learned – from parents, teachers, church, others
  2. We learn to love as we have been loved
    1. Orphan homes in China and Russia – infants not held
    2. It takes years to recover – teach them to love
  3. 1 Thessalonians 4:9 – love was taught

 Testimony – to be expressed

  1. As we love – others will see our relationship with Christ
  2. Text – John 13:34-35
    1. Others will know your relationship
    2. Others will believe (John 17:23

 Effect – to be pure

  1. 1 Peter 1:21-25
  2. Notice again vs. 22


  1. Love is a duty do be done
  2. Love is a debt to be paid
  3. There is a lesson to be learned
  4. There is a testimony to be expressed
  5. There is the effect of a pure soul


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