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Part 2

TITLE: What Are Kids Supposed To Do? "Pressure-Cooker World"




KEY WORD: Solutions

Temporary Solutions

          A. Many seek wrong solutions

            1. Escape - drugs, alcohol

            2. Violence - rape, murder, robbery  

          B.       Situation Today                           Need to Have

            1. Divorce, broken homes                    Strong Family Ties

            2. Broken relationships              Dependable Friends

            3. Alcohol, Drugs                       AA, Rehabs, group therapy

          C. Remember - These are temporary

            1. Families can still fall apart

            2. Friends can still disappoint us

            3. Therapy does not always keep one clean

What is the Lasting Solution?

          A. There is only one lasting solution - Jesus Christ

          B. These problems are not new - been around long time

                    1. Pressure - Solomon bent to worldly pressure

                    2. Temptation - Adam and Eve were tempted

                    3. Priorities - Esau traded birthright for soup

          C. Solution = Obey God


          1. Problems today are different from parents

          2. Pressure and temptation have always been here

          3. Real Issue:  What is the solution?

                    A. Jesus is the Answer

                    B. Will you obey will of Jesus for your life?

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