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Your Prayer Might Be Answered

Ezekiel 14:1-8

Acts 10:5-17



1.    God answers prayer

a.    667 times specific request is made

b.    654 times God answered that prayer

c.    Watch out – God might give you what you asked for

d.    God might answer in spite of your lack of faith

2.    Pray for baptism of fire Matthew 3:10-12

a.    For the lost – 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9

b.    Fire = Hell Matthew 3:12

c.    Not Holy Spirit

d.    The idol is a preconceived idea

3.    Pray for a miracle

a.    Natural law is greater than miracle

                                          i.    God created man

                                        ii.    Man has created 7 billion on earth

b.    Eternal Hell is a miracle – burn, not consumed, fire, but darkness

4.    Pray to keep the 10 Commandments

a.    All of them carry death penalty for violation

b.    Galatians 5:4

c.    James 2:10

d.    Hebrews 10:28

5.    Pray for Lord to save you:

a.    Out of the church

                                          i.    Reject the church (body) and you reject the head (Christ)

b.    Without baptism

                                          i.    You ask to violate the commands of God


1.    If you begin with an “idol” in your heart

2.    God might answer you according to the idol in your heart

3.    He might give you what you asked for – find out you really don’t want that

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