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TITLE: Is the Young Man Safe?

TEXT: II Samuel 18:28-33

PROPOSITION: Parents must give their children a faith to endure the early tests of life.


KEY WORD: Dangers



          1. There are many dangers in our world.

          2. Young people must be prepared with faith.

          3. Can not be inherited faith.

          4. Several dangers they will face are:


                    THE DANGER OF:

I. A Challenged Faith                  I Pet. 3:15

          A. School - evolution, Bible, God

          B. Armed services - attend church

          C. Do you believe in God? or Believe in mother?

II. An Inactive Membership         James 5:19-20

          A. Attend church

          B. Get involved in the work

          C. College, armed forces, on your own

III. An Unhappy Marriage            I Cor. 7:27a

          A. Depression - quit on God

          B. Personal problems - blame the church

          C. Made a vow - stick with it

IV. A Moral Code

          A. Lying

          B. Honesty

          C. Paying taxes - cheating

          D. Language used - profanity

          E. Fornication - Homosexuality - Adultery - Incest

          F. Getting along with others, caring, loving kindness

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