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TITLE: Yellow Teeth

TEXT: I Peter 2:9-12

PROPOSITION: God expects us to make moral decisions based upon the Biblical guidelines.


KEY WORD: Arguments




               1. Story of youth rally as a teen.

                              A. Smoking - yellow teeth, bad breath, costs money

                              B. Dancing - Dark, alcohol, hold others close


               2. My decision - tonight - dancing, prom


I. Yellow Teeth


               A. The place it is done


               B. The darkness in which it is done


               C. Cheek to cheek, body against body


               D. Immodest apparel

                              1. I Timothy 2:9

                              2. I Peter 3:3



II. The Real Issues


               A. "Lasciviousness"

                              1. Galatians 5:19

                              2. I Peter 4:3

                              3. Jude 4

                              4. "Inclined to lustfulness; arousing or inciting sexual desire; expressing lust or lewdness" Dictionary

                              5. Thayer's, p. 79-80, "indecent bodily movements"

                              6. Vine, p. 650, "absence of restraint"


               B. "Revelling"

                              1. Galatians 5:21

                              2. Picture from newspaper - "Reveller's Ball"


               C. "Sex Appeal"

                              1. Exodus 32:19-25

                              2. What was going on?

                                             a. Dancing

                                             b. Idol worship

                                             c. Nakedness


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