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Wrong Concepts



1.     Our direction in life depends on our understanding of things

2.     If understanding is wrong – speak and act in wrong ways

3.     Here are some examples


Examples of Wrong Concepts

1.     Church

a.     G. K. Wallace was asked, “Did you know they have a kitchen in their church?” He asked, “Who baptized it?”

b.     What is the church?

                                                    i.     Not a building, location, address, structure, bricks

                                                   ii.     Terminology we use:

1.     Church wedding, funeral, orphan home

2.     Church college, school

                                                 iii.     Church = saved people

                                                 iv.     We are the called out people of God

2.     Personal Work

a.     Some equate this with showing films

b.     Many argue over which method is correct, better

c.     Question: What method are you using?

d.     Personal work is a broad generic term

                                                    i.     Invite a friend or neighbor

                                                   ii.     Benevolence, edification, evangelism

                                                 iii.     Hand out a DVD, tract, copy of sermon

e.     Every Christian IS a personal worker

f.      Question: What is the message you are sending?

3.     Faithful

a.     Often equated with showing up

b.     Colossians 1:1 saints and faithful

c.     Faithful – just show up, attend 3-4 times a month?

d.     Someone learns I work with Cades – Is _____ faithful?

4.     Worship

a.     Common concept:

                                                    i.     Worship is 11 am Sunday

                                                   ii.     Worship is going through 5 actions

b.     Does your worship end with the closing prayer?

c.     Does your life praise and honor God?

d.     Romans 12:1-2

5.     Fellowship

a.     Common concept: Eat together

b.     Preacher said, “Hear fellowship, I smell the coffee.”

c.     Fellowship = sharing in the same work, goals

d.     We are all fellows in the same ship

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