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TITLE: When is Worship Worship?

TEXT: Psalm 29:1-4

PROPOSITION: God has established the criteria by which worship is acceptable to Him.


KEY WORD: Criteria



          1. Four types of worship:

                    A. Vain                   Matt. 15:9

                    B. Ignorant              Ac. 17:22

                    C. Will           Col. 2:23

                    D. True                   John 4:23-24

          2. Wrong views - [1] All life is worship; [2] When doing any act of worship.

          3. Four criteria for true worship:

I. Purpose

          A. Glorify, praise, adore God Ps. 29:2

          B. Proclaim Christ   I Cor. 11:26 "proclaim his death"

          C. Strengthen man  I Cor. 11:30 "many weak and sickly"

II. Preparation - One must be right with

          A. God          John 4:23-24

          B. Fellowman          Matt. 5:23-24  "leave your gift"

          C. Own mind, heart and attitude

          D. Can't worship God - accidently, secondary activity

III. Performance

          A. Directed toward God

          B. In spirit = attitude, enthusiasm

          C. In truth = Do what God commands.

IV. Preventives to worship

          A. Wrong purpose

          B. Wrong preparation

          C. Wrong performance

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