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TITLE: An Example of Worship

TEXT: Isaiah 6:1-8

PROPOSITION: God has given us some demands for proper worship.


KEY WORD: Demands



          1. We are here today to worship God.

          2. God gave us some demands for proper worship.

          3. They are illustrated in our text.


I. Am awareness of the Majesty of God.  1, 2

          1. Micaiah  2 Kn. 22:19

          2. John  Rev. 4:1-11

          3. We must remember who God is.

                    Creator  Omnipotent   Omnicient   Omnipresent

II. An awareness of His holiness.  3

          1. John Rev. 4:8

          2. Burining bush - "holy ground"

          3. Name is HOLY - Word is HOLY

          4. We must strive to be holy. Lev. 19:2

III. An awareness of the sinfulness of man.  5

          1. Rom. 3:10, 23

          2. We are sinful beings.

IV. An awareness of the divine cleansing.  6, 7

          1. Cleansing is divine - not human.

          2. Ps. 51

                    A. "blot out my transgression"

                    B. "wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow"

                    C. "blot out my iniquities"

                    D. "create in me a right spirit, O God"

          3. Song - What can wash away my sins?

V. That obedient service be rendered to God.  8

          1. Samuel (I Sam. 3:10) Speak Lord, I hear.

          2. We must be in tune with God's will.

          3. God is still looking for servants.

          4. Worship must produce action.

Conclusion:  What is the Lord's will for you and me?

          Seek His will through prayer and study.


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