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I. In the first lesson we talked about:

               A. What cannot change?

                              1. Elements of worship

                              2. First day of the week

                              3. Object of our worship - God

               B. What can change?

                              1. Structure - order, when to stand, # of songs

                              2. Formality - funeral vs. celebration

                              3. Length

                              4. Emphasis - special focus, topic, prayer service


               A. Attitude

                              1. Sing

                                             a. Col. 3:16  with grace in your hearts

                                             b. James 5:13 Is any happy? let him sing

                                             c. I Cor. 14:15  Spirit and understanding

                              2. Give

                                             a. 2 Cor. 9:7

                                                            Not: grudgingly, necessity

                                                            But: with purpose, cheerfully

                                             b. 2 Cor. 8:1-5

                              3. Prayer

                                             a. Not formality, fancy phrases

                                             b. From the heart

                                             c. I Cor. 14:15  Spirit and understanding

                              4. Study                II Tim. 2:15

                                             a. Approved unto God

                                             b. A workman

                                             c. Not ashamed

                                             d. Handling aright (deal honestly)

                              5. Communion

                                             a. I Cor. 11:25  In remembrance of Christ

                                             b. I Cor. 11:28  Self examination

                                             c. I Cor. 11:29  Discern the Lord's body

               B. Participation

                              1. Worship is not a spectator sport

                              2. Failure to participate cheats:

                                             a. You out of worship to God

                                             b. Others our of being edified

                              3. "Every one of you"  "Teach one another"  "Pray for one                                             another"  "Every man"  "Any happy"

                              4. "NO DEPOSIT - NO RETURN"

                              5. Too many sponges in the church

                                             a. Come and sit, soak up what others offer

                                             b. Make no contribution to worship

                              6. Heb. 10:24-25 exhort one another

               C. Location

                              1. We limit worship to church buildings

                              2. We can worship other places, times, gatherings

               D. Attendance

                              1. If Sunday A.M. worship is the standard then:

                                             50% do not return Sunday night

                                             50% do not attend Wednesday night

                                             35% do not attend Sunday school

                              2. Heb. 10:25

                                             a. Some have a custom (habit) of missing

                                             b. Dealing with "willful" absence "Neglect"

                                             c. v. 26 calls it "willful sin"

                                             d. v. 29 calls it - trampling Jesus, blood unholy, despite to Holy Spirit, sorer punishment

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