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TITLE: What is the World is Worldliness?

TEXT: 1 John 2:15-17

PROPOSITION: We need to understand the spirit and motive of worldliness.


KEY WORD: Motives



          1. As a child, worldliness = dancing or smoking.

          2. Some Christians do things that others condemn.

          3. Cut through to the spirit and motive of worldliness.

1. Why be concerned about worldliness?                (3 Reasons)

          A. Destructive to the soul.

          B. Worldliness is of the devil.

          C. Learn difference in world and worldliness.

                    1. Jn 3:16 "God loved the world"

                    2. John 15:19 "chooses you out of the world"

2. What in the world is worldliness?              (2 Components)

          A. Worldliness consists of two things:

                    1. Love of the world.

                    2. Things of the world:

                              a] Lust of the flesh

                              b] Lust of the eyes

                              c] Pride of life

                    3. Worldliness centers in the body mind and will.

                    4. Phil. 3:18-20 "Who mind earthly things."

                    5. Col. 3:2 "Set affections on things above"

          B. Lust is the key word here.

                    1. What is lust?

                              a] "A desire for that which is forbidden"

                              b] Rom. 6:12 "that ye should obey the lusts"

                    2. Difference in desire and lust

                              a] one is lawful - should strive to improve

                              b] unlawful - forbidden, wrong

3. How can Christians overcome the world?  (4 Ways)

          A. Jesus is the victory

                    1. Phil. 4:13 I can do all things

                    2. Rom. 8:37 More than conquerors

          B. Pray for wisdom James 1:5

          C. Avoid the sources of your temptations.

                    1. James 1:14-15 Drawn away of own lusts

                    2. Watch --places, people, literature, activities

          D. Don't allow evil germs to "hatch out"


          1. This world will pass away.  Temporary

          2. Don't seek the temporary and lose the eternal.

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