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TITLE: 10 Reasons Why People Don't Respond

TEXT: Matthew 11:28-30

PROPOSITION: Some men reject the invitation of Jesus.


KEY WORD: Reasons


          1. Invitation in mail - conflict in schedule - reject

          2. Jesus invites "whosoever will" to come.

          3. Why do some fail to respond?

1. Some don't know what the invitation is.

          A. Every worship service.

          B. Not necessary at a public worship hour.

2. Some do not think they know enough.

          A. Examine the conversions in NT.

                    [1] Knew they were lost.

                    [2] Knew that Jesus died for their sins.

                    [3] Knew they should obey him.

          B. DON"T have to know all doctrines, teachings, etc.

3. Do not know what will happen.

          A. For baptism: Ask about faith in Jesus, dressing rooms, clothes, and towels, "all things are ready"

          B. Greeted, hugged, welcomed

4. Because of pride.

          A. Very strong motive to stay where you are.

5. Some do not want to respond.

6. Some procrastinate.

          A. "Tomorrow", "Get straightened out first"

          B. Felix, Acts 24:25  "More convenient season"

7. Some doubt if they can be forgiven.

          A. Too mean, wicked, too long in sin

          B. I John 1:7 "cleanse us from all unrighteousness"

8. Don't think they are old enough.

          A. My general advice to parents of young children.

          B. I would rather baptize too early and repeat

          C. THAN never reach them at all.

9. Afraid to respond.

          A. Rev. 21:8  top of the list "fearful"

          B. Man with one talent "afraid and hid it"

10. Can not respond.

          A. Reached point of no return

          B. Will not stop sinning

          C. Satan takes word from their heart

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